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Basically, all you need is to launch mcheat.exe (it will be mimimaized in tray), than launch any of supported emulators than use Ctrl+E to show menu, arrows to navigate, "END" button to activate/deactivate cheats and enter submenus, backspace to return from submenu or close main menu.

You have to have .net framework 4 installed. And if you plan to use it on 64x OS with 32 bits emulators (most of them are 32 bits), you need to launch "Register SlimDX.bat" before using the app.

If you want to use gamepad to load/save quickstates and change slots, right click on tray icon and choose "Configure joystic". The savestate controls for supported emulators are already predefined.

Installation: firstly need .net framework 4.0. If it is not - crash at startup. Second, if you use 32-bit emulators on 64-bit system, you must run the "Register SlimDX.bat" from the program folder. If you do not, the program kreshnetsya and carry with them the emulator. This operation is a one-off! Inside the file is nothing special, just check SlimDx.dll in GAG, can be found in noutpede.

Usage: run mCheat.exe. The program runs in the system tray. Start the emulator and load the game. To call / retraction of the cheats menu, the default Ctrl + E. Menu Navigation - Arrow. Activate / deactivate the cheat - button "end". Back from the sub-menu - Backspace.

The program supports 16 systems:

• NES (Nintendo NES / Dandy)

• SNES (Super Nintendo)

• GB (Nintendo Gameboy)

• GBC (Nintendo Gameboy Color)

• GBA (Nintendo Gameboy Advance)

• GG (Sega GameGear)

• SMS (Sega Master System)

• SMD (Sega MegaDrive, aka Sega Genesis)

• SCD (Sega CD, the support is there, but since this program in the course of the first to use the cheats for this system, and the Internet to cheat her to do, then there are cheats in the database only for two toys that are quickly able to find - Popful Mail and Bram Stokers Dracula)

• 32X (Sega 32x)

• SAT (Sega Saturn)

• PSX (Sony PlayStation)

• PS2 (Sony PlayStation 2)

• N64 (Nintendo 64)

• NGC (Nintendo GameCube)

• 3DO (Panasonic 3DO. Same crap that with segoy CD. On the Internet there is no cheating. Sam promptly inserted 10 pieces, there is no longer)

There is a built-in database editor cheat (right mouse button on the tray icon -> Database Manager -> tab Global).

In the settings you can configure the control joystick are four buttons to control seyvsteytami emulator - download, save, and switch to the next / previous slot.

Now the bad news: the program works only with certain versions of emulators. Here is the list:

• FCEUX 2.1.6-interim svn2503 (NES)

• FCEUX 2.2.2 (NES) (download)

• Fusion 3.64 (GG, SMS, SMD, SCD, 32X) (download)

• Snes9x 1.5.3 testbuild_20110910 (SNES) (download)

• Snes9x x64 1.5.3 testbuild_20110910 (SNES) (download)

• VisualBoyAdvance-M 1.8.0 svn1022 (GB, GBC, GBA) (download)

• project64 17.0.50b23 (N64)

• project64 (N64)

• R100 1964 (N64) (download)

• 1964 R140 (N64) (download)

• 1.7.0 ePSXe (PSX) (download)

• pcsxr r789713 (PSX)

• Dolphin x64 3.0 r714 (download)

• dolphin x64 3.5

• MAMEPlus x64 0.147u3 (GG) (download)

• MAMEPlus-0.152-r5100-cave-sh3-nonag-x64 (GG)

• PCSX2 r5444 (PS2) (download)

• SSF 012 Beta R3 (SAT) (download)

• 4DO (3DO) (download)

The program includes "Emulator Config Wizard", with the help of it, if you can connect confuse any emulator. However, this feature is still in the alpha stage and can kreshnutsya.

The program comes with source code is written in vb.net (.net 4.0) and compiled in MSVS 2010. It will be useful mazahistov trying to implement in BASIC such things as access to and modification of functions in the wrong processes (hooks), the use of API DirectX, global hotkeys, use sql server ce base without having to turn the final product in the installer, work with a joystick, a quick search in the memory pattern using unmanaged code, and the like, not specific to the BASIC things.

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