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Need advise for fixing up arcade cabinet for Hyperspin

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I am new to the site and am in need of rebuilding an arcade cabinet that will have hyperspin in it.

I purchased the cabinet with hyperspin already configured. It needs work. Eventually I will replace the 17" monitor with a larger 20" monitor as well as a more powerful computer to run hyperspin with all emulators, N64 PSX Daphne, roms etc

(but that i will do after i work on the cabinet) . I'm also looking to patch holes for the buttons to relocate them. i'm going to need to sandblast and put primer on the wood.

Here are pics of the cabinet I need to work on. If any of you can give me the best advice possible to fix up the cabinet, including what primer and wood patch up etc... it would greatly be appreciated.

Here are pics to show you. Please advise.








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Binn primer found at Home Depot

Home depot also sells stuff to patch wood (like bondo but not bondo)

I would fill the holes

let dry for AT LEAST a FULL day.

sand flat

cut a peice of 1/8" plexi glass to fit over your CP

Clamp it down and then mark out and drill your new holes.

This will also help eliminate wood chipping and possible damage to the putty/filler.

Remove plexi glass

Paint the wood panel

put your plexi glass back on.

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