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  1. I've decided to finally buy my dream 4 player pedestal. Thus far I've reached out to Keith at Monster Arcades 4 times and Dream Home Arcades twice but I'll be damned if I can actually get any company to respond to my emails. Has COVID made everyone rich and they don't need several thousand dollars or what? Seriously frustrating. Who else would you recommend? I've been out of the scene for several years - below is what I was thinking about using. All comments and opinions absolutely welcome good or bad. The primary purpose is mainly for Mame and Teknoparrot with some new"er" PC fighting games as well. IPAC Ultimate IO (4) Sanwa 8 way JLF RGB standard length shaft (one that I can flip to 4 way when needed) (Pearl) Ultimarc U-Trak Trackball w/ U-Trak RGB LED Panel (estimated 46 buttons total) P1 & P2 8 buttons per - GoldLeaf RGB Illuminated Pushbuttons P3 & P4 4 buttons per - GoldLeaf RGB Illuminated Pushbuttons <-- any need to go to 6 button these days? Minigrip Flight Stick Version Spinner - spintrak rotary control 46" Samsung OLED TV Current PC is an old Intel I-7 quad core 2.8 ghz, 16 gig with X64 Windows 10 with an Nvidia 580. That still plenty good or not? 12GB NAS box On aside note I have retired my Aimtrak guns and am using the Sindens. Holy cow those freaking things are so much better! Also going to add (4) HDMI female receptacles to the front of my cabinet for easy access to using my bliss box. For anyone interested in doing that you also add a temporary switch and use pin 9. as temporary interrupt. Thanks to all.
  2. What would be nice is when a console name is created via HyperHQ, the next time HLHQ is launched a popup appears with verbiage like, "HyperlaunchHQ has detected a new console system, would you like to see the setup guide now?" and then it simply links to the appropriate section of the Wiki. I realize it's probably premature to recommend it, but none the less it's one more way to curb "how do I" questions.
  3. First of all get yourself groomed to set everything to run as admin. Also ensure you disable UAC and reboot. Windows 8 can be difficult so remove these two variables from your life. Delete your Hypersync Cloud folder and start fresh if need be. Deleting and starting over was the fix for me. I would have to believe because the folder is moved then the created registry entries no longer work correctly.
  4. Rain - I'm almost mirroring what Circo said earlier but seriously I wouldn't even consider supporting Windows XP. Microsoft gives the shelf life of 10 years. Even though Vista sucked major ass I would simply make a stipulation that if a person wants to run Hypersync and get support they must be using Vista or later. Your time is way too valuable to dick a round with an OS that itself has no manufacturer support for. The people that are using Windows XP with FCKGW PID# need to nut up and pay for an OS already lol. PS - thanks for your work. I haven't updated Hypersync yet but hopefully will get around to it this weekend. Anyone have any issues on Windows 8?
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