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VPcabs: Pump Up the Pinball - Custom Artwork

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Pump Up the Pinball is a rock out, crank it up theme for music lovers of today. It's one of 6 original designs for Shakenbake's VPcabs production builds. This contemporary visual representation uses wild colors and interesting balance of elements to create a sonic boom of pinball design.

Please check out my galleries for these and other designs for Pinball, Bartop, Arcade standup & Pedestal style cabinets. I also offer logo design and pretty much anything else you may need from the design world.

If you want to own one of these machines with this design or any of the other offerings please visit this post by Shakenbake: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?23990-Pinball-2000-Complete-Cabinet-3999-Grand-Opening-Special

You can also see this design as a completed cabinet at Brad's

website: http://www.virtualpinballmachinesrus.com/

Please keep a look out for the other 5 designs. Thanks for checking us out, all the best!






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loving the colors and idea. If I had to offer a critic, the only thing I would question is the woofer center cone cover. are they suppose to be pinballs in the center of the speaker and not the center caps?

they don't seem to be in the right plane to be center caps, and yet dont look 3 dimensional enough to be pinballs.

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Yes sir, pinballs. Thought I got them in there pretty well. I left them sort of generic so they can play around at different angles. I looked again, still works for me man. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate the finer points of these designs!

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