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  1. Right now It's up for sale $3500
  2. Wow been awhile since I posted, lots of stuff been a a gone. Here's some pics.
  3. 2015 looking like a fun time with a few new arcade designs in the works and a 3d printer coming next week... Shout if you need something printed
  4. Sweet, it came together great. Really cool to see something different from the norm. Also got a cool steam punk vibe to it. Congrats. Www.xtremepinball.com
  5. Any timeline on a hyperpin 2 ?
  6. Massive everyday, and its Still going. All 10 machines pretty much have people on them full time, they are loving the cabs and especially pinball fx.
  7. Great turn out . All 10 machines have been busy full time, had to throw people out at midnight last night. Vpcabs are killing it.
  8. I'll be there with Vpcabs, be sure to stop by and say hi. Www.xtremepinball.com
  9. Never pAid it much attention but does the scan line option in mame not give a realistic look?
  10. I think I always used Jpac's in the past for using real monitors . However if you don't know if it works either maybe an expensive test. Have you considered pulling the arcade monitor and simply switching to a crt TV?
  11. send me a note to my email [email protected] and I'll see what I can do for you.
  12. Can't wait to see it WWW.xtremepinball.com
  13. very cool, and i see you have the latest and greatest with the lighter rail technology. Great unit and Ahren is a great guy to deal with. you certainly have a couple dollars sunk into that monster. now you just need to get your Kent dust boot and hook it to a good dust system. ping me if you have any questions.
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