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  1. Can't wait to see it WWW.xtremepinball.com
  2. Assume we need to get hold of Charles. The only items that made it here to me were the ledwiz, and a first revision booster board. Adams button package from Noah never showed, although chased him several times. I emailed Adam this morning to see if he had any updates on them. WWW.Xtremepinball.com
  3. Yup. WWW.Xtremepinball.com
  4. Odd, new one worked a treat WWW.Xtremepinball.com
  5. mediafire link is no longer working, anyone got link that does? need the MM backglass. thanks.
  6. Brad will reach out to you later this week. May need to look at doing some Playfield printing that would benefit from either cutting out insert areas or printing on clear media (once the Playfield has had a white backing applied)
  7. can't wait sounds like its going to be stella performance
  8. Do some digging and see if you can find some transformers that put out the required voltages needed for a plasma display. You can use multiple transformers and even feed one from another. Also remember a transformer is just that and can be used either way. A 110v ac input and 12v dc output can also generate 110v ac if you feed it 12v dc (although not very efficently)
  9. They take the core voltages from the transformer and spits out the required voltages for all the boards. Again you need to read the circuit diagrams, the transformers put out a couple of voltages on each tap. It's not as straight forward as buy one of these plug it into the wall and your set. If it was we would have done this months ago and all been using cheap plasma displays.
  10. I looked at doing this many months ago. Your problem is still supplying the power this needs. If you look at the wiring diagram for one of the machines that uses these boards, you still need to feed is some odd voltages( 100v, 73v) etc as well as 12 and 5 (can't recall the exact voltages).
  11. ok maybe i need to check later at home with photoshop, but even opening those psd's with gimp or irfanview i still get the red shape and no graphics. odd.
  12. just checked the icade artwork and it appears all i am seeing is a red template/outline with no artwork? fullsize cab stuff seems ok.
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