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Bartop arcade Plans


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Here you go.

I used these plans (there are many others very similar to this) and i'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Can't emphasize enough how important some t-molding and artwork is to really add some polish to you project.

Here is a photo of mine (i'm looking dishevelled haha).

Donkey Kong theme.


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I love the woodworking side of things but I did use a router for the first time when I build this bartop. The T-molding slot cutting with the router was a little tricky first time. Just remember to do a few test cuts.

If you don't have access to tools or the time I'd go a kit.

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Dang iNTiGOD. Is that a 2 player? Looks small. Great decals though. And yes, t-moldings is a must.

Yes it's 2 player. You tend to compromise with 2 player bartops in terms of control panel size. There is a 19" lcd in there.

I figured if I wanted to go bigger I might as well build an upright cab.

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