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  1. heykool69


  2. Coming from a comix geek......I LOVE IT!!!! Just wish i have the $$$ to spend on that artwork
  3. Thanks. Will be very helpful when i get a chance to get back on Hyperspin track again.
  4. I didn't know that. I'm gonna try that this weekend. And also that "Startup Script".
  5. I bought a similar kit from ebay for my first build. It's okay. Nothing wrong with it. It work. I gotta say it's hard to do or build everything right the first time around. That's why on my second build, it got better. Mainly from what to avoid from the first.
  6. I'd bought a cabinet from RRM in early April. I had to admit, there workmanship and customer service is great. Anyways i came across their cab and Hyperspin setup demo online. So i'd decided to give them a call about their custom software. They immediately refer me to Chris. I didn't want to be rude, but i had to interrupt them from finishing giving me Chris' website where the software can be obtain. Then i was wondering if RRM knows what Chris does or if this forum knows that RRM is recommending Chris' drives? I understand if you paid for someone to help or guide you thru HyperSpin. Like a setup fee. That's almost the direction i was heading when i got so frustrated setting up HyperSpin. Well, a month in, and i'd come across this thread. Man, you guys were BRUTAL on the first page. Like Giga said...Give RRM a chance to speak. And yes, we members here don't always believe everything we read on the internet......after all, this is our hobby.
  7. heykool69


    Hi guys. I'm in the process of building my first cocktail cabinet and i ran across "Hypertate" on YouTube. It look like something that might be great for cocktail cabinet since it's vertical style. Only thing stopping me is it's still using HyperLaunch. Just wanna know if anyone had any experience with it, since nothing comes up when i'd searched "Hypertate" on here. Anyways MODS can delete this thread if Hypertate can't be discuss here. Thanks.
  8. I get the "kick-back" to the main menu as well. My rom path is correct, and so is my extensions (7z|rar|zip).
  9. I thought checking "Roms Only" doesn't work on HS 1.4
  10. I still peek in here cuz i always find a similar problem with my setup that another member had at one time or another. But just lately no time to work on it.
  11. Dang iNTiGOD. Is that a 2 player? Looks small. Great decals though. And yes, t-moldings is a must.
  12. heykool69


    Found it!!! Didn't know the info was in the setting.ini
  13. heykool69


    I got the other medias for Mame, but not the videos. My Mame video folder is empty.
  14. Thank you guys. I'm glad i'd read this thread. Before this, i thought i had to import a whole new shaders or XMLs.
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