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  1. heykool69


  2. I thought checking "Roms Only" doesn't work on HS 1.4
  3. Sorry. It was kinda half/half trying to understand the installation process now that i got the 0.166v....thanks for clearing that up. EDIT: Just found the discussions for Platinum members. Didn't know it has its own separate talk.
  4. I guess so? I think? I'd downloaded the HS 1.4 build 0.166 with Mame included files from the Platinum downloads. And it seems like HS & RL files was installed automatically when i'd unzipped it to my "C" drive. I hope that's what the creator was trying to achieve. If not, then back to post #1 it is
  5. If i have the "HyperSpin 1.4 Mame 0.166 build v1.01", I don't necessarily had to go thru most of the installation steps here right.....besides configurations with RL? Cuz i'd noticed after i'd unzip the 4 parts zip files.....all the files are in the right places. And HS FE works when i run it.....minus the roms. I'm trying to do a fresh installation.
  6. Looks great. I need to figure out what art i needed for my bartop.
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