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My Project


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This is my project, I am thinking of changing some details . But I want to do it in 3 parts . The bottom just like support, the top would all hardware, and also controls separated. All parts fitting together like Lego pieces. I used 3ds max and photoshop .


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I'd recommend that you:

1. Don't give your CP a straight 6 button layout. Go with a more comfortable setup. Check out some templates from slagcoin.

2. Don't have your monitor flush like that. Put it about 2-3 inches behind tinted glass with a black bezel border around it to hide the monitor. Don't paint a fake bezel on the glass. Picture framing board works perfect for this.

3. If you're putting pinball buttons on the sides you actually need 2 per side as many tables use alternate buttons. You'll just have to rebuild it if you only put one. Also put them as far towards the front as they can go.

4. Coin doors help cabs look awesome. I skipped putting one in mine and regret it, I'll be tearing it apart soon to add one.

5. It's an arcade machine and the marquee says Arcade Classics... but the sides and front are covered with Nintendo and console oriented characters. I say go arcade or go console, but mixing them seems odd. I dig the Pac Man though.

6. Your control panel will probably need to be deeper to fit the joystick mechs, wiring and encoder etc...

Good luck!

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