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  1. Well all updated and seems to be running like a champ. Thanks to everyone responsible for building this and to Ninja for giving me a bit of instruction
  2. Animated wheel art... sounds like an entire rabbit hole I could fall down into.
  3. So it looks like the latest MS Win 10 update made it all work again... Is there any reason i should still download this new exe? Ninja are you absolutely sure it's a simple replace exe and won't perma-f anything up if i do?
  4. I've been gone for a long time. Looks like I need to update HS...
  5. Interesting. I'm running back on set... I don't even know. .65 maybe? I'll check and see how it is there.
  6. So you're running the Steam version and you're back on version 1.50.10? Not a newer one correct? And you followed Step #3 in the first post? What happens if you uncheck virtual emulator?
  7. Thanks, glad it helped. Ultimate MK3 is it's own game and I thought that it was its own parent. If not then we can add it. I'm not running the latest MAME so someone will need to double check it for me in the latest version. I'm not familiar with the FBA situation you're talking about so you'll need to break it down for me.
  8. Hey @moff Just went to do this and I'm seeing it differently than you. First I show the Parent as World version 3 which seems to already be the 3 button version you mentioned. The US, Version 2 and Japan, Version 2 are the clones on mine. So from what I can tell the US, Version 2 is the one that needs to be uncloned to get the 6-button version. Can anyone else check their MAME to see which are parents/clones of Shadow Force please? Should be Shadfrce, Shadfrcej, Shadfrceu
  9. Ah. A couple things I forgot. 1. You'll want to use Notepad ++ to edit XMLs (if you aren't already). That way you can easily search for entries, make changes and keep formating. Normal notepad will screw this all up. 2. If you use Genres and/or individual Manufacturer Wheels those XMLs will also need to be updated. So for example you unclone a beat-em-up in the main MAME.xml, now you also need to unclone (or copy paste the fixed entry) into the Beat-Em-Up genre xml too. And if it was a Technos game and you have a Technos wheel it needs to be done there in both spots as well. 3. Rocketlauncher shares artwork from parent to clones, but now that a game is un-cloned you may need to copy/paste and rename the artwork/media for the game. So for the above game you may need to make renamed copies of: Theme, wheel art, video snap, bezels etc...
  10. Yes split is what you want for HS in general so you're all set. I'm not sure I understand your question though... To add these into your database you just add them in. You can either: -just go through your XML manually and un-clone each one you want. -or just use the already fixed list I provided and simply copy/paste them. Don't just paste them in bulk into your XML though as it is alphabetized. Find a game in your XML, then copy over it with my fixed XML entry. Repeat until finished. -or merge my list into your list with a merge tool such as Dons Tools (if that even still works anymore). Just remember to keep a backup of your original XML in case you screw it up. Then no worries.
  11. Good to know thanks. I'll check it out and probably add it to the list... tomorrow maybe.
  12. A quick search pulled this up as the second topic. Maybe it will help
  13. The only thing I can think of is that something similar can happen if somebody is spazzing out on the controls as a game is loading or exiting. For example my dad manages to do it every single time he plays my cab at least once. It has never, ever happened to anybody else. For some reason he is constantly pushing buttons for no reason, when it isn't needed, or wanted.
  14. Have you guys gotten drunk and pee'd on your setup recently? Any demonic possessions in the family or history of serial killing? Could be any of those so it's hard to say. The only other thing that can cause it is a cheating spouse or child secretly hooked on meth. Good luck!
  15. And did you check in RocketLauncher to make sure your extensions are correct? Should be under the global emulator section if I remember right.
  16. You're using HyperLaunch? Are you saying you're having trouble with HyperLaunch or with HyperSpin exactly?
  17. It was working and now its not? Have you checked your antivirus to see if it has quarantined any files? And you said they work through RocketLauncher, but not through HyperSpin... so why did you try reinstalling RocketLauncher if that isn't what was giving you the problem? Did you re-follow the install guide when you did it? Have you already checked to make sure that RL and HS are linked properly? You've checked to make sure it isn't something simple like not having your A button setup to start games in HyperHQ? etc...
  18. Do you know anything about a character limit in the My_Tables section? @alnyden rather than put your table list into the My_Tables portion of the module settings, you could change the list itself within the module. It would be the part of the module, towards the top, where it says something like "My_Tables": Adams Family (Williams) etc... you could change that text to match you personal table list. Then in the module Set All_Tables to True which should make it go by the module list that you just edited. If you follow me at all...
  19. I'm glad it works, there is a billion hours of work putting the module and instructions together First I've ever heard that. Are you using the first post module or jviegas module? Version 1.50.10 of the game or a newer version? How many tables do you have and which don't fit?
  20. It sounds like you haven't even read my instructions for setting it up in the first post, or jviegas info for his newer module yet. Start there There are no roms. You don't look in the My Tables folder. The database is already there etc... Just follow the instructions.
  21. @griffin518 also made this coolio wheel for it. He didn't even bother to tell me about it. He just doesn't care about me anymore.
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