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Retroarch nightly status 12/2015


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(edited with workarounds!)


Retroarch is the most capable emulator available and so it includes a number of powerful features.   This complexity can be a turn-off for those with a short-attention span (Me!) but once you figure it out, you'll find it's an amazing, free piece of software.    I truly love it.   Kudos to all the emulator core authors and Retroarch team for their efforts in 2015.   I can't wait to see what they do next in 2016.   I've donated support when possible and I urge any power users here to do the same.   These guys invest CRAZY amounts of their time in this hobby (for no compensation).


Going into 2016, I wanted to share some of my test results on the latest nightly builds of Retroarch.


There are a number of nice improvements to the UI, controller handling, and new cores.



Improvements (I've found)

- Entirely new GLUI (default) - you can change GUI style in Settings tab, Driver->Menu Driver (restart) 

- Many new emulator cores added, many new coming in 2016!    

- Improved support for Shield devices

- Prosystem (Atari 7800) core fixed



Bugs (I've found)

- separate config files when you launch games from within Retroarch directly and from launcher like Hyperspin.   Be sure to save config changes after launching a game with Hyperspin.

- ppsspp, mupen64plus, mame2014 cores are crashing.  :-(   (*work-around*  -- in Settings tab, change Driver->Menu Driver to RGUI (from GLUI) and then restart)

- Odyssey2 core works, but the UI/GUI isn't sufficient to play the games yet

- Mess2014 core works, but remember to change <system> folder with hash files to ../mess2014/

- Desmume (Nintendo DS) is the only RA core that appears truly broken at the moment, so I'm using Drastic for now

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Hell, i couldn't even get retroarch to register a user 2 binding.  It only saw one of my xbox controllers for some reason.  Worked great for one player though I guess.  I wish they could streamline it like mednafen.  


I've played multiplayer games in most cores.   It's possible the core you were playing wasn't hooked up right.   I think I did run into that once.

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