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  1. yeah all the different colors and styles are nice to have. Is there any set with those in it? like the captain comic light blue cart for example.
  2. damageinc86


  3. Version 1.0


    Found a few bootup sounds, and a floppy drive sound off the net. Mashed them together with some slight effects.
  4. 384 downloads

    My edit of an MS-DOS theme I found on the old forums. Used the original computer, keen, and background. Added Raptor ship, Cosmo, and Jazz the Jackrabbit in.
  5. 982 downloads

    My MAME main menu theme (Arcade Classics) with edited robotron 2084 bezel for video overlay. Edited some background with more of a blue gradient from a previous theme, and used the arcade classics artwork for title.
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