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  1. I can't get retroarch to recognize my mayflash gamecube controller adapter at all. I used those controllers previously through project 64. Does anyone know how to get retroarch to recognize that adapter?
  2. Well, Launchbox is about to the 5 year mark already, and it's doing great. Slowly starting to incorporate some rocketlauncher features now too.
  3. I think it's silly to care so much about something being outdated when we are playing 30 year old games, and preserving that history. But oh well I went to launchbox almost 2 years ago now, and it was super easy to move all my hyperspin artwork over. They have folders like disc, cart, front box, back box, and the "wheel" logos. It was just a matter finding them in each system (sort of like you have to for hyperspin) and copy the files. Then when you refresh in launchbox usually all the images appear, with only a handful that you have to rename a bit to match what launchbox scraped. They have a great database now, that is always being worked on. front box art naming example: Alfred Chicken-01.jpg I know a long time ago it used to be like random numbers for filenames but they have since changed that. The development is so active over there too, it's super fun. Now they are just beginning to work on the possibility of adding rocketlauncher features like a pause menu and fade screens.
  4. I bet there is an alternate universe where the Nintendo Playstation came to fruition and went on to dominate that next generation of consoles, SEGA died out like it did in this universe, Sony didn't do it's own thing because they were successful with the NPS (Nintendo PlayStation), and then there was only Nintendo left for all time, because Microsoft didn't want to go up against them when there wasn't Sony around to help.
  5. because its the nintendo sony playstation prototype.
  6. Ahh! interesting. Does this mean I detect an inkling of a new version? hmmmmmmmmmmm.
  7. Hyperbase should go the way of hyperlaunch -> rocketlauncher. That way people with other frontends could work with it to make their artwork collection top notch. This looks very promising.
  8. Well someone could write a dirty joke of the day plug-in, and i'm sure you might get a few people asking what drives someone to write a plug-in like that as well. It's just something that someone has an interest in. Shouldn't be that big of a deal.
  9. I have just an intermediate level of know-how in computers, been building my own since i was a teenager, and got into html stuff, and I understand how things work very well generally. I had a little trouble getting my bearings in the first weeks, but by the end of the month I had the basic framework of my entire setup finished. The only thing that has taken years is my OCD being activated by this hobby, and adding new systems, or trying out new themes and such. It's hard to finish something when there's always some fun stuff to add or mess with. But it really shouldn't be that hard for someone with a professional technical background.
  10. yeah all the different colors and styles are nice to have. Is there any set with those in it? like the captain comic light blue cart for example.
  11. No kidding. I finally got used to the last layout, and before that I liked the original layout a lot also. Change is good, but change is also annoying sometimes. There's nothing wrong with sticking with something that works. Unless there was a reason to switch, like bigger download size or something. This sort of feels bloated and bulbous lol. I can't figure out how to describe it, but oh well, we'll get used to it like the others. Just doing layout changes won't really further Hyperspin much though unfortunately.
  12. I like the virtual keyboard, would be nice for dos games. But most everything else doesn't look that amazing. I wish one program would put all the good stuff in it so we didn't have to have joy2key, xpadder, antimicro, pinnacle, and this just to try to get all the nice features from each one. But for the record, the way joy2key works perfectly with Rocketlauncher makes it my go to keymapping program.
  13. Well it could have been like that bsx crap that doesn't really have a full game, or decent anything. Now if they had made the mario excitebike into a full mario kart style excitebike multiplayer snes game after that, I'd be all over it. Is there anything good for the 64dd?
  14. Yeah it would be nice to have some theming options in Hyperspin. Like "Classic Wheel", "Aeon Nox", "Unified Megatheme", etc., etc. Choices are just cool to have. Not official, but an option.
  15. That's funny because I remember thinking the first Zelda game sucked as a kid when it came out. Then I was just thinking the other day,..hmmmm maybe I should revisit that game and see if it's fun now maybe? It was fun for like 10 minutes, then I just got pissed off at the going back and forth crap. But I love the imagery of all the Zelda games at least lol.
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