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A ROM question


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Having used Visual Pinball for some time (with VPMan as the front end), I am interested in looking at setting up a cabinet type (portrait) arrangemnt. At the moment, I don't intend building any sort of cabinet, although who knows!, it will just be by setting up two monitors.

I recently found this forum and realised that using Hyperpin or Hyperspin (I'm not sure of the difference) would be an ideal launcher. I have a lot to learn about it and it is a little daunting at the moment, but no doubt I'll find the various answers to the questions I have as I go through the forums.

One thing I'm a bit confused with are the ROMs. I forget the exact wording of the rules etc. but effectively I think they say that you can't ask where to get the ROMs, can't pass them on etc. The ROMs for the Visual Pinball tables are normally freely available from the sites that have the table for download and so I have the ROMS for the VP tables. Because of the rules wording, does that mean that other, hard to get ROMS are needed for the VP tables instead of those that are currently used (and I'll have to get differnt ones) or are the ROMs that the rules refer to something entirely different?


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welcome to the forums..

first off - Hyperpin - is a dedicated pinball front end whereas hyperspin is an arcade/console front end that will run pinball. if you are looking for the best pinball experience then you should be looking to use Hyperpin.

the roms wording is to stop people asking for emlulated game roms, as it is a very grey area. (and also highly illegal) quite a few people confuse this with the vpmame pinball roms, which are freely available from VP Universe or VP Fourms

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