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  1. Well... here's a Necro bump and a half... the last update on this build was over 4.5 years ago.... Basically the machine has been in storage for the best part of 3 years... As I never really got around to finishing it... yes it was playable, but i never installed the force feedback software and RGB controls.. So I've decided to revisit the "scene of the crime" and maybe this time get it completed. Looking at the machine overall its held up quite well. the artwork is still immaculate, it has a slight peel back on the edges where the lock-down bar was fitted, but no big issue to fix.. the PC on the other hand looks a mess.. the watercooling fluid has separated and most of it has evaporated, so it looks like I'll be draining and flushing the system. the system used to look like this... So I've ordered some new fluid and a cleaning kit, along with some hardline tubing (as the soft stuff was so 5 years ago). I also have a PIN DMD 3 that's been sat in its box for years that I could use to replace the original DMD. So stay tuned for the next update which hopefully wont be as long.... Mike.
  2. Ha ha.. tell me about it... It even prompted me to dig out the beast and Fire it up again.. But it looks like the processor has died.. (poor thermal contact from cheap paste) so I've had to pick up a replacement I3 2120 from Amazon for the princely sum of £24 🤣 I've noticed a couple of requests and pm for the artwork, so ill be digging that out and posting links shortly. Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. try this link should be a photoshop template that might need some adjustment to fit properly.
  4. mikekim


  5. yes, basically on nvidia cards the first number is the series and the second is the model in the range, so the higher the better on both. aim for at least a 50 card or better on any series (4-10)
  6. as stated above.. add an additional 4gb ram and up the gfx card to at least a 750ti a mixture of ssd and hdd will suffice (main o/s and preview vids on the ssd)
  7. glad to have been of some help...
  8. the volume discrepancy between the 2 speakers will be a problem. The 8 ohm speaker will take most of the power and the 16 ohm speaker will be much quieter. In general it's not a good idea. you could probably get it to work if you ran 2x 16ohm in series with an 8ohm in parallel. (per channel) or you could just get some decent full range speakers... just google speaker impedance and read the multiple threads on the subject...
  9. never really tried it.. read a review of the smsl one when i was looking and have used them ever since...
  10. ha. ha... they saw you coming £11.99 on Arcade world
  11. Richie, I've always found those amps to be frankly rubbish... (what do you expect for £10..) try one of these instead
  12. hi, you will find that a lot of the info on Degor's build is quite out of date. it can still be built, but you would be better off looking at a force feedback package from ZebsBoards
  13. you would only need 1 card - a gtx 750ti will run Hyperpin, VP & FP on 2 screens with no issues, unless you're looking to run a 4k play field, so the gtx 960 you have specced would be fine..
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