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  1. you could switch to mame 2000 or mame 2003 in Retroarch (a couple of roms will need changing for the correct version) just change the following lines on the mame.ini file (you will need to have retroarch installed and the mame 2000 or 2003 cores downloaded..) exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture romextension= zip parameters=cores/mame2000_libretro_android.so or parameters=cores/mame2003_libretro_android.so for reference the version of mame roms you need are 0.37b5 (2000) or 0.78 (2003) i know its not a perfect solution but at least it works..
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  3. the problem is that most of the url's from builds featured here are from an older version of the forum, so the links will all be dead. you could use the search function for a specific build and that would still work. mike.
  4. kizam, Vishay make a plasma DMD that runs on stock 12v.. the model number is APD-128G032.. they are getting hard to get hold of now though..
  5. Quite a few of us on this forum from the Uk have ordered from Lucian. His service is unparalleled, and the quality of the finished output is amazing. Prices as Lucian had mentioned are about right, one thing you need you consider is that you might get charged for import duty (20% of total value), but even taking this into conaideration it still works out cheaper than local printers (plus the material that Lucian uses is so easy to apply with no air bubbles, or long term fade) Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  6. If anyone needs to know the excellent level of service that you can expect from Lucian... I had a problem applying one of the sides on my back box, and had to re-lift it to re apply.. during the lifting process the graphic started to pull off some of the small grain splinters from the unpainted back box wood, so when it was re-applied there was lots of debris stuck to the underside of the graphic causing the graphic to look like it was bubbled. i contacted Lucian to ask for a replacement graphic and he printed me off Two of the damaged sides at no additional cost. All i had to do was pay for the postage. the replacements arrived within 5 days. Top level customer service from a great Guy. Thanks Lucian..
  7. lucian has sent me the some snaps of the prints "hot off the press" ... quick teaser print... can't wait till they turn up..
  8. the easiest solution to the simple power on problem is to use a power strip with a master socket, so when that device connected to the master socket is powered on (the pc on most cases) the strip supplies power to the other sockets (monitors, speakers and the other psu for toys)
  9. Hi Lucian, its time for the main event... finally my artwork is ready to be printed.. I have sent you the image links to your gmail account. thanks Mike.
  10. Shots as promised.. this material is so easy to work with its unreal.. the only time you get a problem is dust trapped under the graphic, so remember install in a dust free environment. Lucian even sent me 3x different shaded marquees, so i could test them out to see which one went best overall with the cab.. fantastic overall service from Lucian as well, from order placed to arrival was 4 days!! and thats from the US delivered to the UK.. for anyone looking to have their graphics printed.. i would highly recommend his services.
  11. Brad, Picked up the Artwork from the post office this morning.. it looks fantastic. Thanks.. will post pics later. Mike.
  12. LEE-128G032B-1 there is a slight colour difference the "-1" version is more towards the red spectrum of orange, whereas the "B-1" is the amber version I actually prefer the B1 (even with the grids), as the colour shades just seem more pronounced. the "-1" version just seems to be lighter and darker LED intensity, whereas the "B-1" is actual colour shades. also take note the 'B-1" is half the price of the "1"
  13. spot the difference time: now that my vishay has finally turned up from Virtuapin i can show you the difference between the LEE-128G032B-1 and LEE-128G032-1 models LEE-128G032-1
  14. Could the 12v plasma be run off a real machine? ? I thought they used different voltages to run. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note II.
  15. picked up my LEE-128G032-1 today and it works without any issues no segments, as Russ said, just 4096 LEDS. simple to connect - just cut the yellow off a pc molex connector, as it only runs at 5V plugged in the PINDMD2.. not as bright as the plasma version, but still looks very nice running.
  16. Give Noah a shout, it looks like from that video, that there is an issue with the display (the line constantly on. The 8x8 darker squares are probably covered, and deemed ok under manufacturing tolerances, due to it being assembled with modular panels and not one complete unit). He should hopefully be able to arrange for Vishay to get it repaired or swap it for a replacement model. (if you can get hold on one that is - probably another 20 week wait!!)
  17. boogies, is your dmd plasma or LED? i think they are pre flashed for LED. on the pindmd v1 i had to flash the appropriate firmware update (plasma) on mine to get it to work, and not just display garbage.
  18. Emailed Mouser about the problem and this is their response: "The photo suggests that there may be a missing or improper control signal, perhaps the COLUMN LATCH signal (pin 7). This might be caused by an open connection in the ribbon cable between the display and controller board, a defect on the display module, a compatibility issue between the display and control board, or a variety of other causes. The customer might try a different ribbon cable. Else, Vishay recommends returning the display for analysis/repair." as there is a 16 week lead time on a replacement plasma unit, Mouser have very kindly offered to credit me the cost of the unit, so i can order a Vishay LEE-128G032-1 (which they have in stock). excellent service.. highly recommended to anyone looking for a supplier of components.
  19. yep, have tried firmware updates. have also tried different combinations of ribbon cables, pindmd's (2x pindmd2 and 1x pindmd1), molex connecting cables and power supplies. have spoke with Russ about this problem and he seems to think its a display issue as well.
  20. got my pindmd2's from Russ in the post this morning.. (two of them) still the same problem... tried both units have just sent off an email to Mouser to see if they will replace the display, otherwise i'll just have to get a new unit.
  21. Your videos are getting better Brad.. at least the battery didn't run out this time. Sent from my mind, using the psychic friends network..
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