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Ill be that guy.. hyperpin art/media packs on ftp?


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Hey all.. first all, i did extensive searching and most things were outdated or arent currently relevant. Now that i have an account with both emumovies and hyperspin, id like to maximize my use for it. I wanted to know if or why there is no hyperpin media on the ftp? Ive been using my gameex account to use their ftp for a lot of stuff, but wouldve rathered use all the hyperin media packs. Is there any way to download the media packs besides one by one on the downloads section?


and again, i did search and read. Either the files arent available elsewhere, or im blatantly stupid..  thank you

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you should know that most of the hyperpin media packs are old as FLOCK!!!


all the images in the media packs are outdated.


Most backglass captures are from UVP backglass


Playfied captures are from old outdated tables.



the only thing you will keep from a media pack is the instruction cards and the flyers.  

if you have access to the gameex FTP,  you are better of getting them their.




here is a link to VP wheels,  that are better then anything you will find in the gameex FTP  or media packs. (no custom wheels)





I personally recommend you capture your own backglass and PF images, so that they match the files you are using.

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yea, doing a lot of work it seems pinball isnt as one sided so to speak as mame. I decided the smartest way to go about building my system is starting with my clean set of tables, and going one by one, making sure they all work, have artwork, etc.. No rush here. Just wondered if i was missing an expedited or smarter way of doing this.. Seems slow and steady is the way with pinball setups. Thank you all!

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