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different shaders (hlsl/glsl) for different systems (community project idea) [mame 0.170]


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..new verions of mame gives us many new opportunities and i think that we all love to see perfect looking games on our cabinets ;)

we all see lots of media files (screens, videos) with original graphics for each systems and i think lots of us have different consoles like nes/snes/neogeo etc. so i think we sould put together our knowledge and make our mame systems pixel perfect :)


different systems need different INI files with different settings of shaders - some looks better with hlsl some with glsl, vertical games also needs to be treated separately :)


i know its lots of work.. i know its lots of testing and comparing but all the work we do will bring us lots of joy playing our favorite games :)



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Im new into the scene and have my cabinet up and running perfectly finally.  This is currently what I'm stuck on (HLSL vs GLSL).  I've heard GLSL is less taxing on your system but not sure that matters for my rig..? Specs below.  Non the less I'm still trying to figure out where to properly set everything for both GLSL and HLSL.  I'm getting there.. :).  I love the idea though, as I'm only really concerned with scanlines and that arcade look on my MAME emulator.

Core i5 2500 (3.2Ghz)


nVidia GTX 460 (1GB verssion)


HyperSpin Partition: 2TB Hitachia 7k

Windows 8.1

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Personally I have a verical.ini and my mame.ini takes care of fullscreen games.  I also found that some arcade hardware requires its own .ini because of certain resolutions not being particularly compatible with my mame.ini, causing audio skips and slowdowns.  Here's the other .ini files I created, tweaking the scanline size/height and the prescale settings to optimize performance;




seattle (blitz, cali speed, etc)

model1 (virtua fighter, virtua racing)

atarisy2 (80s atari arcades)

iteagle (golden tee, also make a gtfore06 since it requires a unique setting due to resolution differences)



Some of those Atari arcade games (toobin, ssprint some others I think) don't fall under the atarisy2 system so they need their own .ini.  Head to http://www.system16.com/ for information on each piece of arcade hardware and more clarity on which games run on which hardware.  The info menu in mame also shows some details on the hardware being emulated per title.   There are likely a few more unique atari, sega, and namco .inis to setup for resolution optimization.


For other emulators (SSF/Saturn, Demul/Dreamcast/Atomiswave/Naomi, PCSX2/PS2, Sega Model 2 etc...) I use SweetFX CRT shaders applied with ReShade.  Works like a charm.

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