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How does this control setup sound?


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So, I've been working on my initial artwork ideas, and starting on the CP got me thinking and I decided to do a good think through of my controls before I start designing.
I'd already thought this through but as I've been setting up HS and all the emulators I had more thoughts...
I'm going to be using an iPac Ultimate as will be using LED buttons...
Anyone see any issues in the following?
P1: 8 buttons
P2: 8 buttons
P1 Start
P1 Coin
P2 Start
P2 Coin
Pinball buttons x2
Additional (i.e. non physical) controls:
Shift - P1 hold
Exit -  Shift + P2 (I.e P1+P2)
Pause - shift + coin 1 or  coin2
Save / Load state - shift + flippers
2 mouse buttons - P1 7/8

Also... when laying out your CP, what horizontal spacing are people using? So, imagining the joy and buttons for each player as a closed unit, and the trackball, I am centering the trackball in the CP (both horizontally and vertically) and having the joysticks on the vertical line with the Trackball center... but do you space out from P1 joystick to trackball and final button center on P2 to trackball or is there some other way to space out horizontally?
May be easier to ask with a diagram...
Should i be ensuring the blue or red spacing is the same? Or should I be looking at something different? Is there a minimum amount of suggested space to the left of P1 stick?
Oh - and before anyone mentions it, i know 8 buttons is overkill, but for the minimal extra cost of an extra few buttons it will a) satisfy my OCD over having just 7 on each side and b] allow me to use the extras for combos on SFIV etc which i found useful on my fightstick



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That should be fine the way you set them out just remember that the joysticks need room around them on the underside so you will need to make sure the width of the Control panel will allow the room. I've attached my layout which is almost the same without the Trackball. I still have not made my mind up on what the buttons will do, but reading what people have said is that you only really need 1 coin (credit) button.


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