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  1. These are fantastic,they look like you could pick them up and open them
  2. Very impressive cabinet well done
  3. Great build, looks good in the blue and black
  4. Here's one you could try http://www.dafont.com/ssf4-abuket.font
  5. Now that's just showing off haha! that's the icing on the cake..... Or is there more surprises to come still
  6. wow that is cool, love the side panels great idea, and the window at the bottom with the full size model on display. looks like you both really went for it
  7. I would leave the admin buttons up there as you may bump into them while playing
  8. With a printer it mostly uses CMYK to make the colours so when it comes to print a designer can for example look at a Pantone colour chart select a colour while in cmyk and the printed colour will be as close as possible to it. When you design something purely on a screen you are relying on the monitor which shows in rgb for colour matching, so to get as close as possible to what you see is to design it in rgb the problem is monitors are all different but your results will be much better from rgb. Run a test print to check and if possible get the print company to run you a test too
  9. Different screens often show colours differently just make sure your using RGB and not CMYK. to colorize an image press "ctrl, alt and U" this brings up the Hue/Saturation tick the colorize and it duotones the image, play around with the sliders to get the look you want. Its a good way to make a background look like a background
  10. Look great so far I would agree the purple colour seems a bit washed out so maybe play around with that section, I like the vivid colours used around the buttons and sticks so you could try a version of that instead of the purple, or if you wanted to keep it all duotone then try colorize to get the same level of colour over the background. Did you keep the original files for the bubbles as the contrast will be better if you used them.
  11. Congratulations agent47 your next assignment will be to take out the pig....
  12. You can get away with 6 but 8 is best as the more modern consoles use 8 buttons, I use 8 and when I configure them I start from the left (closest to the joysticks) then if it only uses 4 buttons in the emulator then the ones left don't do anything, if its only 2 then theres 6 blanks an so on.... So really there is no point in not having 8 buttons
  13. I am currently setting up all the controls on a finished cabinet, but using the cheaper zero delay USB ones and my advice would be make a mock up box of your control panel out of a shoe box or something and wire it all up then set up the emulators. Reasons for this is if you set everything for a 360 pad or similar then there is a lot of standing up trying to configure everything and in some cases you may even need to redownload a working emulator (I've had to do this to a few). Anyway so my advice start the controls early as this is the bit that takes the time. Obviously it could just be my sticks / buttons and my limited knowledge.
  14. Nice one congratulations, SkyHighGam3r it means he can delete posts and over see the site and things...
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