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Hyperspin 1.4 not calling start program?

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I have randomizer set to rotate the intro videos.


If I run randomizer manually it rotates the videos just fine,


However hyperspin doesn't seem to be calling it properly.


The log file indicates it is being called properly though, which is wierd.


Anyone else have issues with randomizer and HS 1.4?

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Use HyperSpin Startup Script as an alternative? Only start HyperSpin Startup Script in HyperHQ, then configure HyperSpin Startup Script to start the randomizer.

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Sorry for the delay.


here is the log:


05:47:16 PM |  HyperSpin Started 
05:47:16 PM |  Going FullScreen 
05:47:16 PM |  LEDBlinky is set to active 
05:47:16 PM |  Found LEDBlinky.exe 
05:47:16 PM |  Running LEDBlinky 
05:47:17 PM |  Command Line is: "D:\HyperSpin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 1 
05:47:17 PM |  Checking for updates 
05:47:17 PM |  Update Check Complete 
05:47:17 PM |  Startup program: Randomizer.exe 
05:47:17 PM |  Startup params: 1 
05:47:17 PM |  Working directory: D:\HyperSpin\ 
05:47:17 PM |  Window State: NORMAL 
05:47:17 PM |  Launching Randomizer.exe 
05:47:17 PM |  Command Line is Randomizer.exe 1 
05:47:19 PM |  Playing intro video 
05:47:23 PM |  Error intializing joysticks 
05:47:23 PM |  Menu Mode is multi 
05:47:23 PM |  Loading Main Menu.xml 
05:47:23 PM |  Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 
05:47:23 PM |  Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 
05:47:24 PM |  Command Line is: "D:\HyperSpin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 8 
05:47:24 PM |  Loading Super Nintendo Entertainment System.xml 
05:47:24 PM |  Command Line is: "D:\HyperSpin\LEDBlinky\LEDBlinky.exe" 7 "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" 
05:47:24 PM |  Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 
Here is screenshot.

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