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  1. Probably because compared to other controllers that are used for what the controller's specific designed purpose is (fighting games), it is a garbage controller. But really, these controllers are used by stick modders for fighting games. They extract the PCB and interface them to arcade sticks. You'll find the PCB's in these sticks are great, especially if you do modding. But in general, if the 1st part controller cost more than the 3rd party controller, it is made of less than quality parts and he is right, it is a garbage controller.
  2. Thank goodness for Andy Warne at Ultimarc, but ArcadeVGA has had its day in the sun. Calamity's solution with old Radeon cards are much better to work with and saves a pretty penny. Can't be beat. BTW, I have 22 arcade cabs now. But only a few will be given the MAME/HyperSpin treatment. I love the idea of having the original PCB's for some games (light gun, NAOMI, Atomiswave). For the rest of the games, emulation will work fine.
  3. If it works great, particularly in the cab or machine you are using, stick with it. There are only 3 reasons to upgrade: Bug in the existing module that is fixed in a new version of RL Adding a new emulator New version of MAME now supports games you want to play (last version of MAME that did this was 0.166 when they added in support for the Raiden Shmups) Otherwise, if you upgrade, you run the risk of it not being compatible with your old hardware, setting all that stuff up again, blah blah blah. HyperSpin is cool once you have it figured out, but what is cooler is playing the games.
  4. I must say, choosing to have a control panel that is as close as possible to being on a parallel plane to the floor really adds to the play-ability of any cab. Makes pulling off those moves so much easier. Good design choice.
  5. Know what the best part about your build is? You got a 4x3 monitor for it. Bravo, well done sir!
  6. If interfacing a PC to an arcade CRT monitor, don't buy the Ultimarc card. Save your $$$. Get a used Radeon HD4350 card for $5-$20. Use Calamity's CRT Emu Drivers to get 15khz video. Then use Calamity's GroovyMAME instead of any other version of MAME. You'll save yourself lots of trouble.
  7. You'll be able to run your PC at a max resolution of 640x480 resolution in the Blast City. Given this, your PC will work in the Blast City, but expect the resolution to drop and the aspect ratio to change. If you have a chance to pick up a Blast City, I would say save it for running real arcade PCB's. Don't give it the MAME/HyperSpin treatment. You'll be much happier.
  8. Sexy. Not all lit up with LED's too. I like that. The only light emanating from an arcade machine should be from the coin slots, marquee, and monitor. People should realize that; gives it that old seedy 80's bar room feel which we all hate to admit, that we love You need a faux coin door to complete the look buddy.
  9. Being a child of the 80's and 90's, I lived in arcades. They were a packed destination back then. You just have to understand that your cab is best enjoyed when others can too. Because of that, I really could care less about bells and whistles. I am for smooth functionality of software. No need to personalize it too much. Hide Windows Make it idiot/drunken friend proof Remove MAME nag screens (I use GroovyMAME, so that is built in. MAMEUIFX has this too. No need to compile) Go out of my way for a CRT-based cab Have more than one cab!! Of course, you need the space Keep buttons at a minimal (I aim for an SF2 style CP Use genuine Happ parts. Stay away from Chinese knock-offs. You really can tell the difference Only emulate MAME. No point emulating a 2600, 5200, Colecovision. Home consoles of old paled to the arcades. It was only when we got the NES that offered an experience that, graphically inferior to arcades, was designed for long periods of play; but this experience really is best served on a couch The only exception to this is the Dreamcast console. So many of it's titles were arcade ports. But for Dreamcast, I have a cab that connects to it directly. It is quite easy to interface a Dreamcast to an CRT arcade cab. I don't even use Hyperpause or the other effects. Just launch that game for me ASAP. It is all about the games. On some drunken nights, we will conclude the night with 100 games of SF2 Hyper Fighting played. No other games switched to. It is almost like I have dedicated machines on these nights.
  10. Did you say XP computer? I'd say first thing is buy some new thermal paste and re-seat your heat sink/fan. That will instantly breath new life in that PC. I bet that 10+ year old thermal paste on your CPU is dry peanut butter by now.
  11. Keep in mind that a cab will be sitting in non-use for a long time. Smart strips are cool and all, but a PC hooked to an AC line effectively is in bleeding-power-mode until it is turned on again. Considering this, I thought it better to set up my cab so that when the AC line is flicked back on, the PC wakes and the monitor powers on.
  12. I made a short video to show it here: I explained it here: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,149671.msg1564996.html#msg1564996
  13. Use HyperSpin Startup Script as an alternative? Only start HyperSpin Startup Script in HyperHQ, then configure HyperSpin Startup Script to start the randomizer.
  14. Dunno about your issue. Sucks that you got a HyperSpin HDD too . Aimtrak uses the same tech as the Wii controllers. All the videos I see of them on Youtube seem laggy and inaccurate. If you played with the Wii gun games and they make you happy, you might not be too annoyed by the limitations with the technology. But if you are looking to play those fast twitch gun games of old on MAME, Aimtrak may just leave you wanting. Good luck with this. Since you got that beautiful CRT, I think you can get it going there. Scroll down to page 17 here. It has the pinout for RGB input for your Sony. Get a DB25 connector from here so you can harness and plug into the RGB input on that monitor (can't tell if you need male or female so get the right one). Also get a DB15HD connector from the same auction so you can connect your Alienware to that monitor. Now you just need to get your Alienware to output a 15khz RGB signal. For that, get an older Radeon HD4350 card. Then run Calamity's CRT EMU drivers. For those two breakout boards, you need to run 18 gauge wire from the Red, Green, Blue, Ground, and Composite Sync from each of those breakout boards. Then you can use 3rd party Guncon2's (they were made for the PS2 Namco games). As fate would have it, I have a thread going here laying out my progress on this very subject. Sadly though, you might have to drop down to a 32-bit OS. Maybe even XP 32-bit. Might be a waste of a perfectly nice Alienware. So perhaps just pick up a cheap Core 2 Duo based PC off eBay for $20 so you can get it to work with your CRT. Keep the Alienware on the 50" Plasma. Those arcade gun games of old were awesome. I am working to get them going on my arcade cabs, all with CRT monitors. It's worth the effort.
  15. Are you using a CRT monitor, or LCD? The CRT guns of old were much better. But if you are on a modern display, you don't have much choice. Aimtrak is the best solution out there.
  16. Xpadder and any keymapper is old news for controlling the HyperSpin UI. Get the latest HyperSpin Startup Script made by our own ghutch92. It allows you to control the UI without a keymapper and addresses the bug in HyperSpin. Once you launch the game, you will use the emu's keymapper to control the game. Barring the emu (or game/program) not having a keymapper, then that would the only instance you would need to use a keymapper.
  17. Did you enable multithreading?
  18. Telemarketer Agent47. Don't get it twisted.
  19. Welp, I guess it is good that I can't read Swahili!
  20. ****************, what is it? The site is in some Swahili-like foreign language or something so I can't make two cents of it (I know it's French. It's a joke). It it just HyperSpin translated into another language, with a foreign movement? A foreign fork of HyperSpin? Or is it a blatant rip-off of HyperSpin? Which isn't too bad considering that imitation is the best form of flattery. EDIT: Nevermind, the board isn't letting me ask the question at all.
  21. MAME is emulated in the CPU 100%. Other emulators may offload to the GPU, but not MAME. HyperSpin is another bottleneck.
  22. Good lord man! Here I thought you were some poser, a trendy. You are dead serious about this. That is no normal cab build! Sticking a PC that can barely power itself on into a build like that is like..........that's like marrying Victoria's Secret model, and then abstaining from sex. Get a proper PC for that man! Anyways, I won't ever use the PC's in my cab for any other purpose. So I use WinXP x64. Keep the OS as lightweight as possible. And since I don't need to be secure, I grabbed my copy of of XP x64 from a site you can find by Googling "getintopc XP 64".
  23. Great, just great. Now we will see Reddit-level profanity all over the hyperspin-fe.com forums. There goes the neighborhood .)
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