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  1. I was one of the people that waitlisted for this for about a year. One day it showed up and I had written it off. I found a deal for the Hori pad, planning to hack it for the PS4. Then Capcom announced that PS3 sticks will work for it. So instantly with my Akishop PCB's, I didn't need the Hori pads. I am returning those to Amazon. Someone also mentioned that by June or September, Capcom will release a Super SFV version or something anyway. With this release buggy as hell and with a lot left to be desired, I cancelled my SFV pre-order. Looking at all the complaints, I don't think I am missing much. Sticking with SF4 and 3rd Strike for now.
  2. You guys are talking about the PC version of SFV, right?
  3. Version 20140910


    Amstrad CPC Game Wheels Pack-albert_c
  4. Camtasia. I made a guide too for a from-the-ground-up installation of MAME and HyperSpin with joystick navigation. Check it out here:
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