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Changes to Forum Attachment and Reputation Limits


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After a bit of research and feedback I became aware that we had some issues with some limits around here.  Specifically the ability to give reputation and to attach things in forum posts.  I have also enabled the ability to add attachments in pm's for all users.  Here are the changes that I made.


Rank                                 Rep Limit/Attach Limit

Administrator                    Unlimited/Unlimited

App Developer                  Unlimited/Unlimited

Bronze Member                Unlimited/Unlimited

Database Development    Unlimited/Unlimited

Media Approvers              Unlimited/Unlimited

Media Creators                 Unlimited/Unlimited

Members                          Unlimited/50MB Per Post

Moderators                       Unlimited/Unlimited

Platinum Members           Unlimited/Unlimited

Section Admin                  Unlimited/Unlimited


This should take a few steps out of our current workflow.  IE: wheel art threads, you can attach as many images as you like directly to your post.


Please let me know if I missed anything or something doesn't seem right.  That was a whole lot of settings to change.


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the limit is set at 1000 so if you get too crazy I guess you could possibly run out


If anybody reaches a 1000 in a day....... get this dude a F'n virtual straight jacket and a digital isolation cell xD

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I liked all three of those 'cause I know I can now >.< hahaha

But yeah, You'd have to TRY to do 1,000... like go into the backlog of threads.

But who has time for that when there are XMLs to go through one by one. lol

(I actually finished that portion of my build though! 2 years of work! XD haha I'll be uploading new videos soon.)

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