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  1. Thanks man, I had wondered where it uploaded to. Afterwards I didn't recall choosing a particular section. I'll try to edit it and put 2D in here, I forget there's 3D art as well lol.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I personally can't stand the standard US box-art for the Sega Saturn. It's so incredi-bad that I took it upon myself to make better ones in the style of CD-Jewel cases. This covers the entire US set, as well as PAL exclusives that didn't hit shelves in the states. for a total of 295 covers. It's a mix of custom art, converted JP boxes, clipped original art, etc etc. The US and PAL box-templates were made by me and are included if you would like to use them. Enjoy! =D
  3. Sorry to bother you

    Did you ever manage to get Microsoft MS-Dos exodos collection v 2.0 of games to run with HyperSpin.

    Busy downloading it at the mo but rather puzzled with the setup of this systyem.

    Cheers Steven


  4. This is amazing! Thank you. That knocks a MASSIVE amount of work off of my to-do list for finishing my build. Now I can just worry about my 3DS and Vita videos in the handheld section.
  5. SkyHighGam3r


  6. I only have a couple of CD-i images at the moment, and I haven't gotten RetroArch to play those yet... but I'll have to play with this in the future. I'm in the middle of converting my mess of a playstation library into PBPs finally. Plus I'm getting married tomorrow and will be away until like the 18th haha. I think I need to update this front page too with a bit of info...
  7. Nvm to that last question about batching.... Seems that I already added that to the front page a while back. Which completely exemplifies why I felt this thread was so important lol. That being said.... On creating an .M3U playlist file... I didn't see that I had a tutorial on that posted, so it's probably something we should go over. It's just a text file, if I'm right? I feel like there was some kind of naming scheme involved...
  8. Man, I've been so focused on XBOX games I haven't been keeping up with this stuff. Spent the last while searching for the games (XBOX games are HARD to find) downloading the games, extracting from zip to xiso, then extracting from the xiso to the FTP ready folders, then transferring those folders via FTP to the XBOX itself... Almost done though... phew... lol Turns out in my absense: RetroArch had a huge update, AND now has PBP support? That's crazy! I'll update the front page to reflect this information now that it's in the official update. I'll also try to test it personally this week sometime as well. It's gonna be a **** to convert all those bin/cue into PBP though...Does PSX2PSP 1.4.2 have a batch process by chance?
  9. Exactly, but I love RetroArch so much I didn't want to switch just to load PBPs. Now I can have the best of both worlds!
  10. That's great news!!! I haven't compressed that system yet because as nice as ePSXe is... it's no RetroArch lol.
  11. ... I swear we had discussed it 'could' at some point, but it seems that it can't by your testimony, my experience, and more searches online. I updated the front page to reflect this 'revelation' lol
  12. This is interesting I'll have to check it out. I guess I kinda got distracted doing so much and haven't updated this in a bit... lol I actually couldn't for the life of me figure out how to use Dolphin to do WBFS, so I put them ALL (Gamecube and Wii) into gcz. I keep seeing that format knocked, but it cut 3.5 gigs off of one of my games, so it's A-OK in my book. I also upgraded to a 3TB the other day (Had to do an entire backup) so space isn't as bad of an issue as it was lol Still, the fact I've probably cut 1/3rd away from my overall filesize is nothing to dismiss.
  13. At some point I will point towards 7z compression and stuff, once we've covered these native formats a little more thoroughly. This NTFS compression though, I've heard a little about this... How does this affect read/write speed, hard drive life, and more importantly, Fat32 isn't very common anymore, right??
  14. That's a solid point, hadn't thought of that. Yabuse core in RA is up and coming though, so maybe in the future something will pop up. Yeah, SSF's actual 'emulation' is pretty good. You have to give it that. Far more impressive compared to any other SSF emulator that's for sure. I just hate the actual program. It makes sense being made by only one guy that it is the way it is. The fact that Yabuse is in second and is SO far behind is more to my point though. Anyway, you're right though this isn't really the point hahaha. I just amassed a ton of Saturn games and thought I'd see if there was a compression method that fit our discussion.
  15. Is anyone aware of any kind of Saturn compression? I have all my games in Bin/Cue at the moment. Wouldn't be surprised if nothing existed, given the poor state (Although better than XBOX ...>.>...) of it's emulation.
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