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  1. I haven't had this issue in quite a while - I can't recall exactly how I fixed it. I know that newer Metro-Apps have slightly different start functions for the commands I was using. Everything's been working so smooth I'd have to see exactly what I set it all to - but it should be running either batch files, or some run from a standard shortcut that I believe points to a special W10 shortcut. Is there a specific app or game you are trying to launch?
  2. I thought it might be fun to make a wheel that contains all the games in my setup. Initially I was using an XML merger to set this up and it was going great... until I hit some games that have the same name across multiple platforms. Merge tools generally disregard one entry, or ask which you want to keep. For example, NES and Genesis both have "Battletoads". I tried adding a system descriptor (NES) and (GEN) to the end of the <description> line in the xmls, and this allowed me to merge them just fine. The problem I run into though is that because the filename for each is "Battletoads", that also means the box-art, videos, etc are all named "Battletoads" and I can't put both boxes for example in the same folder. I feel like I could possibly solve this by renaming the actual game files to "Battletoads (NES)" and "Battletoads (GEN)" respectively. However, to go through every single system and compare duplicates by hand would be exhuastingly tedious. The other, similar, option I have is to just add the system descriptor to the end of every game in every system. That too though, would take a great deal of time and isn't ideal. Does anyone know a way I can easily search for duplicate file-names among a series of folders? like a special program or something? That way I could totally just rename the games that have multiple versions. Of course, then the other matter becomes the fact I have to duplicate my video and art entries in my build... but I doubt there's any way around that. Unless there's a way to make some kind of ghost copy of files lol
  3. Sorry to bother you

    Did you ever manage to get Microsoft MS-Dos exodos collection v 2.0 of games to run with HyperSpin.

    Busy downloading it at the mo but rather puzzled with the setup of this systyem.

    Cheers Steven


  4. Hey! Sorry I never responded to you. I sorta forgot about this thread lol. I'm all over the place, total scatterbrain you know? haha Anyway, the parts I used are as follows: CPU: Intel i7-4790k 4.0Ghz RAM: 16GB DDR3 GPU: AMD R9 390x 1.0Ghz 8GB However, I can't stress enough that no one should ever buy that GPU. It's been nothing but a headache because it has severe heating problems. I would recommend an Nvidia GTX 1060/1070 instead. I've been wanting to swap it out but they are so pricey... That being said if you are only going up to wii/ps2 you would be ok with a lesser card. The only reason I went so high is I also wanted to be able to play things like Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 at Ultra. Also, if you want to see more stuff I post once in a while on my youtube channel (also called SkyHighGam3r) I've got a new video I just posted this week, and some older stuff showing off how I created my own physical media launcher.
  5. Hey everyone, I just wanted to show off the new themes I have setup for my Gam3B0x console, how I've exploited the genre section to show different system types, and as always, provide some proof that you can have functional XBOX/X360/PS3/X1/PS4 and even *gasp* A Sega Geom wheel, all working, in Hyperspin. Before you tell me I'm full of shit, because *someone* always does. Watch the video. Modern systems @ 6:40 Explanation of how it works at @ 10:20 Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5cXovYnc1k
  6. Well this original thread was from over a year ago so things have changed a bit. Now I have a single 8TB to hold all my games. Nothing is compressed (PS2 takes 3TB) I've set my entire hyperspin setup on the harddrive so I can take it with me anywhere. Anywhere there is a computer I can play video games lol
  7. VLC Module FTW (**** the Whaaaaaaat!?) I'm gonna have to give this a run, does it provide any specific advantages over using PCLauncher?
  8. *shrug* Iunno, I've just never used Kodi and I like making HyperSpin and Rocketlauncher do fun things. Like I have a functional set of XBOX, PS3, X360, PS4, XONE, etc wheels by making them play the PC equivalents and draping it all in the respective art. It's just fun making it do things lol. Ooooo I've never heard of the ROM mapping menu. I'm ok with each episode not having a preview either. I'd rather have it just be the show in a single slot and I go from there. I'll have to look into this and try it out. I agree though, multi-wheels is something that needs to be in HyperSpin 2.0. There's about 35 different things I've wanted to do with it that would require that functionality... ------------------------------------------ On a side note, I did manage to add the playlist button to the fullscreen mode by customizing the interface. I always have the mouse set to right stick when I hold select, so ATM I've got it working like this: 1.) Open the show, it starts the first episode 2.) Pause 3.) Push "Playlist" button 4.) Scroll through and find episode 5.) Push "Playlist" button again, and it goes back to the video Anyway, I'm gonna look into this rom mapping feature, it may cut some of the fluff out of that process, which would be good.
  9. VLC, at least the most recent version, seems to remember the pause time. Once you watch a different video though it forgets. I just meant more like... if the last episode you watched was Season 3, Episode 4 of something, you'd want to be able to jump straight to Season 3, Episode 5 somehow. With how I have it set up now, I have to spam the "next video" button until I get to the right one. I'm playing with some of the hotkeys and features... but it seems the Ctrl+L shortcut for pulling up the playlist only works when not in fullscreen
  10. Yeah, that's what I did with the show "Beavis & Butthead", and then I just set it to shuffle. With something like, say, "Game of Thrones" for example... you'd want to be able to not only start at the beginning, but pickup where you left off. OR, with a show like "Seinfield" or something you'd want to be able to choose a particular episode out of the hundreds for single viewing. This is where I'm stuck at the moment, figuring out a way to easily choose a single entry from the playlist.
  11. I recently added a "VHS" wheel to my setup, using VLC and movie files. It works beautifully because it points to each individual movie file and that opens in VLC by default. I'm wondering about TV shows though... For instance, I have a show with over 700+ Episodes I want to add, but adding each episode/file to the xml would be cumbersome at best, and absurd at worst. So I'm trying to figure out a way to condense it to a single database entry, but still be able to select which episode to watch. Be that via HyperSpin, RocketLauncher, or VLC directly. I don't mind if it's a bit cumbersome, so long as it works. lol I did manage to setup a file for a show like "Beavis & Butthead" where you don't really need to watch them 'in order'. It's just a VLC playlist file set to random. For shows that have story continuity though, this wouldn't work at all. If anyone has set something like this up, or has any ideas, I'd be much appreciative for your input.
  12. Yeah, I'm cool with using the static image when I'm actually choosing a genre, but I'm wanting to use a theme other than my default theme when I'm actually IN a genre, if that makes more sense.
  13. It depends on what you want really. Overall though, the biggest difference is that TOSEC has every version of everything. Which 'sounds' great, but you get the bad-dumps, the over dumps, the alternate dumps, etc etc etc. You could have 27 different versions of the same game with only 3 being roms that actually work. It's extremely thurough. No-Intro on the other hand is mostly just 1 working version of each title. So, you'd have the US, EU, and JP versions of a game, plus any updates made like v1.1 etc etc. Personally, I can't stand TOSEC, it's great for archiving but garbage for personal use.
  14. Wait wait wait... can someone please break this down a bit for me? I just spent like an hour creating a bunch of themes using genre's and am not seeing what I want to happen. Found this thread looking for answers... I have, for example, a Nintendo wheel. In that wheel I setup a few 'genres' as such: Nintendo Entertainment System (English Games) Nintendo Famicom (Japanese Games) Nintendo Famicom Disk System (FDS Games) Hacks Unlicensed Prototypes When I push the 'genre' button it pulls up a black page with the titles of each genre. I planned to set a basic image here as sort of a 'default' 'theme'. Then I wanted to have it, when I chose say... Nintendo Famicom, have it pull up a default theme specific to that 'genre' with the famicom's colors instead of the NES. It sounds like you guys are saying that some, or maybe all, of that isn't possible. Please tell me I'm wrong lol
  15. This is amazing! Thank you. That knocks a MASSIVE amount of work off of my to-do list for finishing my build. Now I can just worry about my 3DS and Vita videos in the handheld section.
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