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Building a new cab.

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so, I am seriously loving this hobby, the builds and gameplay i've seen I'm all about.  Got to start somewhere, so what would you all suggest?  computer and displays or the cabinet build first?  


I actually just posted the order I did everything in my anniversary topic today. Ha!

Personally I say start with the cab first because that can be finished. Once it's finished HyperSpin/RocketLauncher can be set up initially in just a few days and then BOOM! arcade machine.

From there you can spend months or years tinkering, fine tuning and tweaking it to your hearts desire.


If you do it the other way you may mess with it for years and never get to the important part. The cab.


That's my thinking.

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I'm brand new to this also I'm building a multicade at the moment and told a friend about it then he went off about this guy's digital pinball machine wit hyper spin. Now I wanna build a pinball arcade . Are there any prints on here for cabinet design and dimensions?

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