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From bartop to fullcab


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So.... I started out with a bartop arcade, I had a really hard time placing it somewhere in my apartment, even though it's smaller than a fullcab it's still takes up more space if that makes sense?

Any way, I have for a long time been thinking of mounting a track ball on my control panel the only problem was that the bartop control panel didn't have room for one. I started out building a bigger control panel, I then just built a box for the bartop to stand on, I also built a shelf inside the box so I could move the motherboard as the bartop was to packed, I built in an access panel in the back of the box so I easily could reach the motherboard.

I then just designed and printed new vinyl and there you have a make shift fullcab, looks way nicer much more simple to place in one spot.

All that's missing now is the coin door and brackets for the marquee.





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