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New guy questions... sorry guys ?!?!

Drachen Zor

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OK i've decided I want to use visual pinball emu for my hyperpin setup, but right now I'm just in the testing phase because I don't really have the means to build the actual cab yet, so i was hoping to make a ready setup for when I do. My question... how realistic is this setting everything up on a sub-par laptop having it ready to go for the actual build?

Do I start with VP 8 desktop tables since my laptop sucks & then simply switch over to VP cabinet tables when my build is ready. Basically I'm on Pleasuredome & not sure which romset is suitable for my situation & would hate to DL a massively wrong romset also how big should the romset be I see

Visual Pinball (2013-07-20) 21.115 GB

Visual Pinball 9 CLEAN SET (2013-05-03) 12.900 GB

Visual Pinball 8 CLEAN SET (2011-09-20) 2.832 GB

thx fellow patrons lol just not sure where to start without backing myself into a corner :/

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I am in the same boat as you Drachen. Still learning. I would follow Dazz's route for your first few tables. After you learn the directory structure, settings, and so forth, use the torrent (even then you do not need to). Download Visual Pinball (2013-07-20) 21.115 GB. Since you are starting out I am assuming you are probably more interested in seeing fancy graphics and such. In that case concentrate on the "VPinMAME 9.x Recreations" portion of the torrent (I do not know if the Visual Pinball 9 CLEAN SET torrent contains this).

Use winrar to batch unzip all zip files in the torrent and move the .vpt files to the tables folder. You will also need to search for a PinMAME - ROMs (v2.5) torrent and put all roms in the piname/roms directory.

Follow the VPforum tutorial on installing Visual Pinball to get the correct directory structure and script files. (Took about 15-20 minutes and was way less complex then a Hyperspin configuration)

As Dazz said, don't take shortcuts when you start. Also this isn't like other emulation where you have to resort to torrents and the shady underbelly of the internet for everything.

Hope that helps.

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