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Ipac 2 problem- wrong key code


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Hi guys i just build my control panel for arcade cab and i have problem with brand new Ipac2. My panel have 2x joystick + 2x8 buttons + 4 additional buttons (coins,exit,enter,pause) everything working fine except "enter"....

key kod info

ipac 1a slot=" p " this working correct

ipac 1b slot= "enter" but is also "p" letter wtf??? tested on two Pc the same problem. Ipac2 faulty???? on the "shift mode" enter working fine (P1+left) but this is not solution... Anyone know how resolve this problem... or return ipac as faulty???

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The link I sent you, has a section on how to use it. Once you have your panel designed in the layout designer, be sure and save the layout. All you have to do is click on the button and hit the key you want it to be. Then go up to edit and click on Program I-PAC. When it's done, your problem should be solved.

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