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  2. That LG Lcd intrigues me at that price point. My existing cabinet marquee is 10 inches. I would consider rebuilding / retrofitting it to fit the LG model. I don't think it looks too top heavy and the cool factor of the marquee is worth it.
  3. I think there is a still a pack on PD that can get u from .180 to .182.
  4. Just saw this, and it is awesome. This LCD marquee just made my top 10 of items to waste my money on! It will be a great addition to my cabinet and another thing that can consume hours of my life to setup.
  5. A picture of the holsters / cabinet may help visualize it for people. The liquid Nails or any adhesive like that should create a good bond, but u never know if you have kids or friends (like mine) who are a little careless. Curious to see a pic as to why you don't have an option to screw it in.
  6. Hey fr0stbyt3, looking forward to this. It's been a while since I used the last beta, will this one come up the up to date databases? Just wondering if HBL is / will be the definitive source for databases or if that is someplace else.
  7. Nice work. My vote would be for media sync. While I agree with your perspective I think there are other ROM mgmt tools we have been living with. Also I think most people have fairly clean sets by now. If we are saying HyperSync is gonna be deprecated get that piece out of beta first and then move onto the next thing. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Where did you find them?
  9. I have two mouse buttons. They come in handy if you need to do things on the desktop.
  10. Does this issue exist if you use hypersync as well? I have been primarily using that and haven't gone to the DL section for artwork. What can we do to resolve it? Is it just a manner of manual organization?
  11. Totally workable. That's how I manage all my "upgrades"
  12. Nice work, I like the printout. Any chance u can share that template? Is it a PSD file?
  13. Looks good to me. I went with 7 buttons to support the few neo geo games, but hardly use the 7th. I have 6 admin buttons. Enter,exit,menu,pause,volume up, volume down. That being said I don't really need that many. Good luck on the build!
  14. This key mapping is helpful. I haven't got around to really setting up SSF yet, but I am updating my setup and I am going to remap my EMUs to this setup so it is "SFF Proof". FYI - The mistake is for button P4 B8, the picture has '/' and it should be 'Enter" (the enter in the numpad). Also one question, I have 6 "admin" buttons on my cabinet, one for "Menu", and "Select Something in Menu" (mostly if I need to mess with someone in Mame), Pause, Exit, Volume Up, Volume Down. Are there six other buttons that won't interfere with SSF that I can use?
  15. That looks great. Your motivating me for cabinet 2.0!
  16. Looks great! Wish I made a separate admin panel like that, that's a nice touch.
  17. Agreed, and it's really not for everyone. I have had many people ask me to help them set up a system or "build a cab with them". But I just give them a funny look and mock them. They are my friends, so I'm not being rude, I am just being honest with them. They don't have the time, patience, resources, or know how to maintain the system. We all spend way more time doing this then originally planned, mostly because it becomes a hobby. I have spent hours configuring systems that I have only played for minutes. It was more about just being able to say "I did it" then actually to play it.
  18. I never understood getting one of these drives. Half the fun is "the hunt" and figuring out to perform the setup on your own and with the support of the community. If that's true, I hope he gets busted.
  19. pofo14

    Windows 10?

    This thread makes me very scared of windows 10....
  20. I think he is asking what reasons you would get media from the site and not from Hypersync. I think the answer is the typical "depends what you want". Think of Hypersync as "approved media" from a look and feel and design perspective. Artwork in Hypersync has gone through a quality review process by the admins and is guaranteed to meet design standards. Media on the site but not approved for Hypersync is still good artwork, but it either hasn't been submitted for approval or hasn't been approved for various reasons. So if you want an easy set of default media use Hypersync, if when browsing the site you see someone's artwork set that you particularly like, download it and use that instead of Hypersync. You have the freedom to do what you want.
  21. Have you tried updating the database using the button in Hypersync? It is on the lower left hand side when you are configuring the system in Hypersync.
  22. Agreed. I think running hyperspin could be more demanding then emulating the older games.
  23. Hey Steve, I am in the same boat as you. Trying to find the time to update my cabinet to the latest HS etc. I decided to use retroarch to simplify the emulator setup. It has a little learning curve but once you get over that it is pretty straight forward. I like it as it reduces the # of emulators and has some nice features such as shaders which are similar to HLSL settings in mame. Just wanted to give my two cents.
  24. That's an awesome build....
  25. I don't think there is one. There is a valid reason why, if I remember correctly the zinc emulator needs the roms to be names with the numbers. I think that is why many folks just don't bother with the zinc emulator and just run the games through MAME, since they are in that database and play fine in Mame.
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