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2nd Ledwiz Help needed - Will pay £££ for support


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Until recently I had a happy working cab that supported one ledwiz drive.

I managed to blow this drive so ordered 2 new ones from groovygame gear.

The two new ones are both labelled Dev 2.

I cannot for the life of me to get the ledwiz to work with tables in VP.

So far I have it working under the lum aura control, under the DOF test config panel & it also works in ledblinky.

I have tried this using the Legacy output & the Direct Output Framework.

Have configured my ledcontrol.ini via the [site reference removed] config tool.

I've created different table folders, one for legacy & one for DOF.

i've un-installed VP & re-installed. I don't know what to do, I've emailed groovygame for support & posted loads of various forums but zilcho!

Can anyone teamviewer to my PC (or similar) & see what I'm doing wrong.

If you can help please PM me & we can arrange a price & a time asap to do it?


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Hi SteveB,

You mentioned both LedWiz devices are labeled #2. Numbers should be different. Example, device #1, #2, #3, etc. If your using just one device you will need to have purchased a #1. Since your using 2 devices, you should have ordered a #1 and #2. You should contact Randy T at GGG as he maybe able to assist. Good luck with your system :-)

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I've just spoken to Randy & apparently it doesn't matter that the device is labelled Dev 2. I bought 2 ledwiz for different machines so only 1 x Dev 2 ledwiz is in my cab? I still have my old ledwiz Dev 1 & had this plugged in but it didn't make it work.

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