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I really need some Visual pinball help PLEASE. setup dual screens cab


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I got FP working perfect on my cab with one screen the backbox set to 640x480 res and the LCD 24" playfield set to 1900x1280 res. everything plays beautiful except Blue vs pink wont even load. other than that excellent.

There are a few key tables i really want to play. i read the VP forums and cant figure out what to do. i have had a 100% success ratio with help here. so here it goes some background. downloaded VP already scaled for cabinet tables from here


1 gig ram

3.4ghz processor

8800GT video

24" playfield 1900x1280 not rotated

17" backbox 1280x1024 not rotated

.182 drivers

fresh windows xp install

nothing else loaded

VP 9.0 and pinmame

Primary monitor is the playfield secondary is backbox. backbox is located to the right of playfield in windows dual screen setup and extended not spanned.

Cabinet.dll has been replaced with the one downloaded specifically for cabs.


#1 The backbox does not show on second monitor. just the windows walpaper.

I really want the backbox.

The DMD is on the main playfield located horizontally (i.e. the wrong way for a cabinet). Dont want the dmd on the primary playfield but..... when dragged to the second monitor creates problem #2

#2 if DMD is on second screen it is either all black or frozen. the table either slows to a literal CRAWL or ceases to accept inputs at all. Basically every thing quits working till i drag DMD back to primary.

#3 not really important but whne i quit VP it asks to go back to editor. i have no Q key on my cabinet.

please help.

if star trek next gen, T2 or Black knight we in FP i wouldnt even worry with this problem.

Thanks in advance!

Any help no matter how small is helpful

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In your pinmame settings, under 'setup defaults', make sure that the Display is set to 'default' rather than monitor 1. I had the black DMD problem, and my backglass monitor was not centered (but it was still there), and this fixed my problem.

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Hey man. Are you running hyperpin? If you run hyperpin, the front end takes care of the backglass. When you load FS tables directly from VP (outside of HP), you won't see the backglass. But when you launch the table from HP, you should see the backglass. Running from HP will also take care of the exit problems, as it will automatically take you back to the table selection screen.

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Could have sworn i tried the display 1 display2 and default settings. however just loaded star trek the next generation with pinmame set to default and i displays fine now!


no. i was just launching straight through VP9 frontend to eliminate as many variables as to why this was not working. Tried what you suggested. And it seems to be working except really really slow with the dmd on second monitor. soooo...Hyperpin is what launches the backglass unlike FP where it launches the backglass.....i see thank you for your help.

Now i have to do some tweaking and should be good to go!

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