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Downloading media only for my ROMs


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Hey all, is there any way to get HyperSync to download videos for only the ROMs I have? I have about 200, certainly not tens of thousands. :)


I assumed it would do this but I let that baby rip and it would fill my HD in no time. 

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HyperSync will download media  based on your XML,  but you can use fatmatch to remove unwanted images and videos


open fatmatch  

- click on List Missing Images

- add your rom and image(video) paths

-click on the matched Images tab

-click on List Match button


-FatMatch will match all the images(videos) that have the same name to your roms and generate a list

-click on Handle Results  -->  Move Images to another folder

any image that is not matched to a rom  will be left behind, and any image that is matched to a rom will be moved to a folder of your choosing.


You will have to do this for each image and video folder.  A faster process is to use HyperTools


Hypertools will scan ALL your folders (per system)  and compare them to your XML

if you use Don's tools to remove (trim)  the roms you don not  have from your XML.

When HyperTools scans your folders, it will move all the unwanted media for the roms you don't have in your XMLs



But if you  already have a trimmed XML then you will probably only download media based on the roms you have.

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32 Assassins, can you elaborate a little on the steps needed to accomplish "When HyperTools scans your folders, it will move all the unwanted media for the roms you don't have in your XMLs"  I am debating to delete my entire 120GB on media and just start over.  but if i can get this to delete all my unwanted pics and videos, it would save me a lot of bandwidth.  I only want available artwork/vidoes for official hyperspin xmls.


When I first started my collection I matched my database with my rom names, so I have a lot of extra artwork.

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download Hypertools




-Place it in your Hyperspin Folder

-Open program and go through the initial set up process

-when the program opens Click on the Clean Up  Tab


- the program should be very straight forward to use.

You will see a Hyperspin folder structure with a bunch of checks

any folder with a check will be scanned.


Make sure you have the "Move instead of deletion" check on; just in case you would like to back up your unwanted files.


in the "Select System = "   select the system you would like to audit.


any file found in the Folders ( in witch you have a check)   that has a name that does not match the XML or is not found in the XML will be listed in the "grey box".



you can either move the file to another folder,  or rename the file to match the name found in the XML.  

(Hypertools will generate a list of all the names in the XML and display the list next to the grey box).




after you do that for 1 system select another system from the drop down menu and repeat the process.




this is an example

I ran an audit on my PS2 Hyperspin folder

and found a few files that did not match the name on my PS2 XML.









-I can either click on "Check ALL" and then click on "! MOVE"

it will move all the files in the grey box to the folder I specified  C:\Hyperpsin\TEMP MEDIA




I can select each missed match tittle and match it to the actual name found in the XML


once I find the correct name,  I can click on the correct name on the list

and click on "Rename to match selcted rom"   


if i have "Copy to a new name" selected= it will make a copy of the image/video with the correct name ( you will still have an incorrectly named copy in your folder)


if I have "Move to a new name" selected = it will  rename the file to the correct name.

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I did a scan of Atari 2600 and it appears to be pulling wheel art up as not matched.  When I compare it to the lsit on the right "Display disabled roms (HS 1.4+)"  the file name is exactly the same.


Do I need to check any of the boxes on top Remove all if Rom is DISABLED or Remove all selected if Rom is NOT FOUND


btw, what are "disabled Roms (HS1.4+)

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Do I need to check any of the boxes on top Remove all if Rom is DISABLED or Remove all selected if Rom is NOT FOUND


btw, what are "disabled Roms (HS1.4+)



I would say no,  if a rom is not named correctly Hypertools will not find it and it will remove the media.



but if you know for a fact that your roms are named correctly (remember that HS is case sensitive,  so is Hypertools).

and you don't wan the media for the roms you don't have (or for games you have disabled in the XML)

then yes  

add a check to either one of them.

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Yeah that won't work. I may have worded my previous posts poorly. To clairify -


I do have a lot of ROMs that are bad I guess for one particular system, even after using Don's ROM Renamer and doing a game audit in RocketLauncher UI, about 50% are good.


At this point I don't really care about the bad ROMs, I'll figure them out some day but for now I just want to delete the bad ROMS and all media (images, videos, etc) associated with those ROMs that HyperSync downloaded.

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Yeah, either that OR another way to go about it I suppose is to sort of start over. Build a custom XML based on the good ROMs that RLUI identified, so hopefully HyperSync will only sync stuff based on good ROMs that I have. 


I'm not convinced everything got renamed correctly using Don's Renamer, but for now I'll just take what I can get if they audit correctly in RLUI. I'd also like to delete the ROMs that RLUI didn't recognize.


2 approaches to to the same goal - only having the media for the good ROMs that I own. I hope that eventually HyperBase will be smart enough to be based off of ROMs after a RLUI audit, but for now I'm sticking with HyperSync.


I hope I'm making more sense. :)

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if RocketlauncherUi is not finding your roms, Hypertools will not find them either.

you can move (delete) your mislabeled roms and the media for the mislabeled roms  in a matter of seconds with Hypertools.




I personally would generate a new XML with Don's tools based on the roms I have. ( the roms with the correct name)



The XML you generate with Dons tools will not have any of the additional info,

I would open Don's XML filtering program and use the generic XML I created to filter out the games I don't want.

this way I would have a XML with the roms I have but still have all the additional information.


This is what I did for most of my systems, I don't like to add rom paths in HyperHQ for rom filtering.

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