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Astro City Cabinet restoration.


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Ok, so I got one!

Had this posted in another forum, but I figured since it was going to be housing Hyperspin I might as well post it up here as well.

Astro City Shell, in excellent condition only real problem is how dirty this thing is. Nothing a little TLC and soap wont fix.

Cab came with everything bezels, new set of locks and 2 keys, all the stickers were still in place, monitor mounts not that many dings in the cab either.

Control Panel



Monitor Bezel




Main Cabinet Housing




Pics of the Stickers on the back


CoinDoor/Control Panel piece



Shortly after the pics were taken, shes been fully stripped of of all the parts and pieces.

I've removed all the stickers, given her a power wash to remove all the nastiness it has collected over the years.

I have fully sanded it down, given it a primer and 2 coats of autobody paint.

Then a nice thick layer of clear.

Im in the process of just wetsanding it smooth (by hand) which is taking forever.

I plan on throwing in a Hyperspin PC to mainly be using MAME and nullDC. Still browsing around for options on what parts for the PC and what kind of monitor is going in her.

My cam is currently out of commision so no pics since the ones taken above.

Feel free to make any suggestions to help out with this project.

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If you don't have a PC yet, a nice dual core ~2.8 or better should do just fine. 8800 or 9800 vid card and she'll handle most of nullDC.

Thanks for the advice, I find that the hardest part on this project is trying to come up with PC specs.

Know if those cards can handle Atomiswave and Naomi emualtion as well?

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Got some pics of a Control Panel that I have restored prior to the cab.

Before pics.








Pics of after the initial washing. Used scrubby sponge and some dawn.





After it got it's bath, there were still some stains left on the plastic. No matter how hard i scrubbed or even sanded it, they stayed on. So i just ended up giving it a nice new coat of white paint. I used plastic paint for the first couple of coats.



For the final coats of color I used Duplicolor Autobody paint topped with Duplicolor Clear Coat for some protection.

(I had extra purple and red buttons at the time so I threw em in just to see what they look like. I'm planning on putting the traditional green and pink setup when my cab is fully finished.)





Some pics where I tried to capture the mirror effect that I got using the clear coat.




I hope my craftsmanship is up to par. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

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HAHA! you know of that guy too. Yeah I got a good deal on it since it was just a shell. I feel really bad for the others who have had to deal with that guy..

IMO, I feel it was a good deal since it had no dents cracks or anything too bad that washing and painting wouldnt fix.

Sorry for the lack of updates as I am working at a new job and have very little time to invest in this project ATM.

But its current state is, all painted and clear coated. Just need to get around and doing the wetsanding. Of course it can only be done by hand and that will take days. I'm at 80% complete with the wetsanding of the bottom panel where all the doors go.

Don't wanna post any pics just yet.

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