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2 Screen vs 3 screen


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Ok, another newbie question. I've searched the forums and while I'm sure the answer is there I can't find it.

I thought I had decided to build a 3 monitor setup. I've got software installed and have added a few tables with the PC sitting on my desk and 2 monitors installed right now. As soon as the lockdown bar gets here I'll start building the cabinet.

Every table I've downloaded and grabbed backglass (and UVP) for fits perfectly to my 16:9 monitor horizontally. I know I can rotate that screen if I want to stick with 2 displays. However, thinking this thru if I put a 3rd monitor in, place it below the backglass monitor and put speaker holes to the left and right of the artificial DMD aren't I going to see the "DMD area" and "speakers" twice? My real ones and the ones as part of the backglass image? The only table I've looked at so far (not that I've looked at a ton of them) where that would not be the case is Addams Family as the backglass I downloaded does not have the DMD area nor speakers. Am I missing something or do I just grab the backglass image and crop the DMD and speakers out of it? If I do that, will the UVP still work correctly or will the lights be "off" since the image changed?

TIA for all help.


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No. First, you should use Directb2s, it's the "latest greatest". In the screenres.txt file, there is a set of values where you specify the position of the 3rd monitor DMD area. When this is present, the directb2s automatically removes the speaker grilles from the backglass monitor, and sometimes puts custom score displays / indicators onto the DMD monitor. I say some cases, because with most games you just want the VPinMame DMD on the 3rd monitor, so the directb2s has no need to put anything there. Some games (like F-14 tomcat) have directb2s's that have a much nicer looking display than the ugly LED display that VPinMame shows on your 3rd monitor.

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