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NEWBIE: Sega M2 in Hyperspin - configuring game controls (cabinet)

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Hi everyone, my first ever post! 


I'm completely brand new to this, having just taken delivery of a Candy Cabs cabinet running lots of emulators under Hyperspin.


Therefore, please excuse the ignorance of this question, but then I hope it should be a simple one!


MY QUESTION: Quite simply: In the Sega model 2 emulator running in Hyperspin, how do you bring up a menu to configure the controls? I mean in MAME you would press Tab on the keyboard and select "Input - this game": What's the equivalent in Sega M2? 


REASON FOR ASKING: I absolutely adore the game "Top Skater" which I've found in the Sega M2 emulator. It fires up and launches into the demo mode OK, but it won't respond to any of the controls for "Insert Coin", so I can't play it! Aahhhh! The torture! The frustration! None of the controls or joysticks do "insert coin". I plugged in a keyboard and hit Tab, but it didn't respond. All I want to do is bring up the menu in which I can assign "insert coin" to one of the buttons: How do I do that, if it's one of the emulators in Hyperspin?


Many thanks in advance for any replies.



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You have to set controls up through the emulator it's self. go to the emulator load a game if it goes to fullscreen hit escape then go to the game tab and it will let you set controls.


I personally don't care much for this emulator so I don't know if the skating game works with joystick and buttons. I remember it being a stand up game on a skate board.

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Thanks so much for replying! I'll give that a try. That's right: It was a stand-up game, but I had a blast playing it with just keys on my laptop a while back. Happy to play it with a joystick and buttons, so hoping to get it to run on my arcade cabinet.


Incidentally, I also found the Top Skater ROM was in MAME but it didn't appear on the Hyperspin MAME "wheel" (I found it in the MAME ROMS folder just on the PC). When I eventually worked out how to launch the MAME one manually from Rocket Launcher, it was all glitchy and not running properly. The Sega M2 one runs fine, but I can't yet play it! Aaaahhhh!

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If I hit "escape" in a game, it just goes back to the wheel: I mean it just exits that game and returns to the list of games available under that emulator. I don't see a "game tab" at all. What am I missing here? How do I just bring up a configuration menu?


Should I come out of Hyperspin altogether and go via rocket launcher or delve into the folders on the PC or something?

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You need to forget about hyperspin and rocketlauncher and open the emulator and configure your controls from that program. Once that is done you can launch from hyperspin with the correct control configuration.

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I set the game exit hotkey in RL to use my tankstick preconfig with v. It works as expected. Then i set each game from the emulator. I just wish there was a way to configure all the games at once. Seems tough though due to the variety of shooters, drivers, ECT. 

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