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  1. Need help setting up daphne on the shield. I think I have all the files needed i'm just not sure about the folder structure and frame file
  2. Very Cool!!! Thanks for the upload!
  3. LOL to lazy to look but not too lazy to make your. You the MAN!!!
  4. It was the Hyperspin Android Base Pack 1.1 I was trying to use the ini from
  5. Thank you! Honosuseri I figured it was something little like that. Just for the record it is incorrect in the download pack too. If there is a chance to update it. This has been the hardest one I have tried to setup so far but in the end it is the coolest so far too!
  6. Still having trouble. I have all my media in folders per game and I put the scummvm files inside of each game in my roms folder and changed my scummvm database. I used the scummvm files from the download link. I can get it to work in retroarch just fine but when I use hyperspin I'll click on a game and the screen will go black for a sec then it kick's me back to the scummvm menu. Here is my scummvm.ini ScummVM.ini
  7. Thank you both! I was trying to follow the setup tutorial on step 1 of this guide. I figured it out now thanks for your help!
  8. I'm having trouble doing the first part of this guide. It says to download the scummvm.zip and extract it then put it in the retroarch systems folder. I have done that. Then open the scummvm core in retroarch and set the theme and extra paths. I try to do that but it doesn't show anything up in the browser I hit go up and nothing happens. Is there a way to do it manually???
  9. Just wondering if you had any luck with any other Daphne games on android???
  10. kylecp1979


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