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Trackballs instead of light guns?

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Hi all. In need of some advice. I'm building a 4 player pedestal arcade..

Players 1&2 6 button and players 3&4 4 buttons etc. I thought of adding also 2 light guns to play games like operation wolf, t2 arcade game etc. I'm just wondering am I better off just having 2 trackballs instead of guns? I've read they can be temperamental and its added expense if I already install 1 trackball, shall,I just add another for player 2 and use them to play (crosshair) gun games? Obviously I won't be able to play house of the dead etc. I'm just playing older stuff.

I wasn't originally going to bother with a trackball at all but I've got quite a few games on there like arkanoid etc... That is if a trackball is ok for these?

Or... Is it possible to just use joysticks to playe anything? Can they be configured to play gun games and spinner/trackball games? I know it can be a pain in the arse to set up joystick to play paperboy!

Thanks for reading, much appreciated.

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Yes, a trackball will work, although its not as fun or the same as an actual gun. I have two aimtrak light guns installed on my arcade. They really aren't that hard to setup if you know rocketlauncher well.

I will say they are not the same as an actual light gun and the aim is a bit off even after calibration. But once you get used to them them work great. The games I currently have working with them are Duck hunt, area 51, operation wolf, jurassic park, jurassic world, house of the dead 2 and 3, maximum force, police trainer, egg venture, point blank, deer hunter, turkey hunter, time crisis,T2. I'm sure i forgot a few in there somewhere. I would start out buying one gun then add another if you like it. I started out with one but everyone liked it so much I had to get the 2nd so we could play at the same time. I bought the second aimtrak with the recoil added, I'm not that impresses and its really loud. it adds almost another $50 to the price and its not really worth it.

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