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Bluetooth Adapter

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So in the middle of starting my first build. I was hoping to get some advice on a bluetooth adapter for my rig. There are so many to choose from i was hoping i could get some advice of on adapters that community members use and recommend. 


I am running windows 10 and want to sync it to my PS4 remote, i know i can plug it in wired but want to run it over bluetooth. It will primarily be used for hyperspin and all the popular emulators, retroarch, dolphin, pcsx2 etc... but would like to use it on some pc games too.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated




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Yeah - Bluetooth is a standard, so just grab the generic cheap one and you will be fine.


Only real thing to consider is how far you want the range.  Clearly the tiny adapters with no visible antenna, wont transmit as far as a larger unit with a big antenna 

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no i disagree with above

make sure its bluetooth 4.0 compliant, don't go generic go branded like ASUS, they are not that expensive anyways. It matters when you have more than 1 device synchronized at the one time.

It's the components dude, just with a different stamp on the casing.

All Bluetooth adapters now will be v4. Also Bluetooth is a standard, so all v4 devices from any manufacturer have the same features.

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