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Dreamcast temp folder not deleting, not sure what's up.

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I just finished my NES setup and decided to dabble in some Dreamcast stuff, which so far works a treat.  My only problem so far is a small one, but it's baffling.  I use 7zip like I do with any large game images and they unzip to the default directory and run beautifully, they just don't seem to want to auto-delete after exiting Demul.  NullDC use sees the temp folder deleting afterward like it ought, but so far I get considerably better results with Demul and I've made it the default DC emulator.  Global setting is to delete 7zip temp and it works with all other emulators...just not Demul, and I'm confused by that.


Not sure which settings ini to look at.  I can manually delete the temp folders after running each game but I'd like to sort this out so my setup runs as it should.  Any help would be appreciated, thank you kindly.



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