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  1. Like 100 something I believe, I have around 140 something wheels
  2. It is a neat feature. So come on over and join the awesomeness of retrofe
  3. You need to be platinum to be able to do "easy" downloading
  4. Sorry, this isn't cool anymore unless you put it in the new Nintendo classic case =D
  5. well it sounds like certain keys you are pressing are doing it
  6. You haven't setup your keys/emulator properly.
  7. You download it and put it in the folder so it can use it
  8. I would go to the pinball forums. Not much goes on around here with pinball
  9. Have to be honest. Prefer the previous layout to this.
  10. Boo on the ads. Should definitely not have them for platinum members
  11. Dont work as in not all hyperspin themes work in the Android version. Especially ones using swf to get clean(er) 1080 resolution
  12. Nah, I don't wanna break/lessen themes for PC just for Android. My Hyperspin for PC resides on my drive in the root in the Hyperspin folder, I would rather not have to rename that as I have a lot of other stuff dependent on that path. Oh well though, will drop Android until the day he may issue an update. Probably around the same time HS PC will get one =P
  13. Bummer that sucks. Using default themes which makes use of swf files, don't care about game themes. Wish he would have made some options like before giving up on the program, I'm not going to "degrade" my PC install for the android version.
  14. So I don't suppose rezznate or whatever his name is ever added the ability to define different themes to be used for the Android version? A lot of my themes don't work on the android version and I definitely don't want to switch them just for android and make my PC themes be different. Was hoping putting those files on the internal of the shield would override what was on the external drive but it seems the external is taking priority.
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