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  1. Now Mednafen won't launch PCECD either. What is the -problem- with this thing?! _Again_ TurboCD works absolutely perfectly, on Magic Engine, on Mednafen, hell I bet it runs in Retroarch too if I tried that. These are the same bloody games on the same bloody emulators, and it isn't my files because Magic Engine has been reinstalled from the ground up, twice, and Retro was a brand new install since the last one instantly crashed upon opening. This is just another example of my computer arbitrarily telling me I can't have something I -just had- last week. Absolutely infuriating.
  2. Having gotten frustrated enough to try Retroarch, I merely added to my growing suffering by finding out that it refuses to see the syscard3.pce I stuck in the System folder where it seems to belong. Some thread...which may or may not be horribly outdated anyway..said the AHK was throwing up an incorrect error message and that it actually needs syscard3.bin but trying that didn't work either.
  3. Does it matter that I'm up to Daemon Tools Lite 10.6? Apparently it could matter for Rocketlauncher but I'm not on that, I'm still on Hyperspin, where I will stay until I can get -that- working to my satisfaction before thinking about jumping ship.
  4. Still not working. I've tried a new PCE.ini, I've tried copying the one from TurboCD that works, I've tried running it with a completely unaltered ini. Really getting frustrated here. Why is TurboCD working but PCECD isn't? Magic Engine plays both sets, this shouldn't be a problem.
  5. After a recent hard drive disaster I finished recovering my Hyperspin directories and I'm going through systems to check them. PC Engine-CD is back to its old misbehavior of refusing to mount the disc to Daemon, causing it to launch to the music player. Turbografx-CD works perfectly, which is why I'm so absolutely baffled here. I even tried using the Magic Engine in my Turbo-CD directory to launch PC Engine-CD; nothing. No disc mounted. I also copied the PCE.ini for TurboCD over to PC Engine-CD's install of Magic Engine. No disc mounted. Why is Turbo-CD working as intended but PCECD refuses? This was working before I had to recover my hard drive. Sega Saturn will similarly not mount the disc, even though the ini calls for CD drive 2, which is my virtual one. I'm banging my head off the wall here, this stuff all worked 2 weeks ago. This is why I feel like feeding babies into the tree chipper whenever anything randomly changes on my computer. I feel like this is something stupidly easy and I'm missing some setting somewhere.
  6. Aaaand that worked straight away. Cheers, Giga! On to testing this new SSF4AE 2012 I downloaded.
  7. I found the game files for SSF4 2012 (or so it says) but it seems to include nothing more than the base version. This DLC folder promises the extra characters and some costumes, but I'm unsure exactly where to place the files. Can someone point me to those locations? I got Trouble Witches running nicely by the way. Raiden IV as well, but I'm still stumped on iRotate. I set it to run pre-launch, and it does, but it doesn't rotate the game.
  8. Yes, I'm still on Hyperlaunch. I honestly do mean to switch but I've been rather cagey about actually doing it. It's soul-crushing every time something goes majorly wrong with my setup, and I know I'm talking to one of the top gurus here and you'll tell me it's nothing to be afraid of, and you're right. I've just been paranoid about it I guess. I did pick up the character and costume DLC with my game files for the non-2012 version of SF4, just hadn't tried to do anything with them yet. I've got to look for the full game files for 2012 before I do that I suppose, and get it working normally first off. What's causing the game to dump me back to the desktop 20 seconds in? Fade Title is filled in with what I presumed was the proper game name. Worked for Battle Fantasia anyway.
  9. Okay, well at least Battle Fantasia is working as intended now, as in, it loads without zapping me back to desktop, J2K launches and operates as I tell it to do, and exits properly upon closing the game. Super SF4AE went from working okay, to the desktop dumping, to working okay, and back, but since I'm working with the original version and I'd rather just have the 2012 update on my wheel, I guess I can go find the game files for that and have another go. There's weird variables with the one I'm poking at. I'm reminded that this hobby can be very picky as for what is set where and with which file name. I'm way further along than I was earlier, so many thanks to you all for helping. If I run into a wall with Street Fighter I'll pipe up again, but I'll put it away for now.
  10. Aaaaand that's fixed now. The stick itself was set to a wonky analog switch. I'm on to working out some nasty Hyperlaunch failures specifically with Super SF4AE wherein it will launch fine but 20 seconds in it snaps me back to the Windows desktop. Game is still going in the background and no errors pop up from HL but they'll be in the log. It was happening with Battle Fantasia, but I didn't have a Fade Title for that and it went away when I added it. SF4 has a Fade Title so I'm not sure what's up.
  11. Aaaaaahh! Actual progress. I had forgotten to set SF4 Arcade Edition's actual controls to correspond with the keyboard. Did that, now it actually controls in-game, through Hyperspin...except that those pesky Axis controls are still governing the joystick itself so I get no directional control...buttons work a treat, but no stick. If it isn't one thing it's another.
  12. Ugh. Feels like progress and then right back to the total lack thereof. J2K shows -something- when I use the stick, so it is working there, but still can't even get the individual games to control outside Hyperspin even when J2K is turned on manually. Not to mention the confusion of having to have set 3 different J2K profiles, the last one for the Taito Type X itself inside HL. I feel like I'm moving closer but keep getting lost.
  13. And back to square one when trying to configure the HyperSpin profile for J2K in Hyperlaunch. It wants me to redo the whole thing in the Keymapper panel but I can't just bring over the profile I made to begin with. I can't even make the Frontend one, it gives an error that a profile already exists. Trying to configure it again doesn't seem to let J2K add my stick a second time, I'm confused here. Worked fine to set up the first profile.
  14. Some small progress then..actually got the Hori stick to at least -show- something in Joy2Key. For buttons, at least. I had to manually tell it which stick to use, and I'm trying to work out why the actual stick directions are being interpreted as axis rather than POV hat. As they are now they aren't showing in the J2K panel as active when I move the stick, though the tab for the stick in general does light when I move it.
  15. I should add that I have only used Joy2Key for one notable application, RPCS3 the PS3 emulator..and this, only because Xpadder is apparently no longer an option on Windows 10. It shows up to the party, but it got a knock on the head and it sits drooling in the corner. But the lack of immediate 1:1 controller responce that Xpadder offered was admittedly confusing me when I went to configure it. I'm used to pressing a key and seeing the config pick it up so I know where I'm at and J2K doesn't do that unless I've been using it entirely wrong. I'm going to go ahead and implement J2K right into Hyperspin as per this guide, as at the very least it can't actually harm anything. Might be good eventually if/when PS3 gets officially added.
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