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hyperpin monitor setup help


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hi guys wonder if you can help im making a pinball cab not a massive one as not much space in home lol im using a 32 inch for the playfield was just wondering about the top monitors is it worth using one monitor for everything or 2 monitors? plus i hear theres a board thing you can buy so you can run a real dmd via pc usb port are these a good idea? sorry im a bit new to all this lol plus just wondering what the easiest set up would be thanks for looking any advice would be great

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it all depends on what you wan't,

the 2 screen set up ( single monitor for backglass) works great and is the cheapest option. their are more back-glass files available compared to the 3 screen set up. Although more 3 screen files are being made.

The 3 screen set up is a more authentic set up. get the smallest LCD monitor you can find.

The "real" DMD file you are talking bout will run you anywhere from $300-$500.


this is why allot of people use old 13-17 inch LCD monitors for their DMD displays.

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