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Hi all

I have finally took the plunge and bought my playfield a 42" LED Samsung TV also my 18mm marine plywood for the cabinet, the playfield will fit nicely into a Williams wide-body plan cabinet with 8cm to spare either side my worry is the cabinet length is 1274mm and the TV is 970mm should I cut down the cabinet to accommodate the playfield slightly?

Also how far forward should the LED screen be from the front of the cabinet because of the lock down bar thanks in advance.




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Thanks for that I will keep the playfield right to the front of the cab as I am using a Williams Widebody plan should I make the cab shorter in length because if the screen is right up to the front there will be a 5 inch gap at the back

then the 150mm that the backbox sits on.

I just need to make sure I get every thing is right before I start cutting.

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