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Playfield Screen / Cabinet Combo


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Ok... after months of browsing, reading forums and trying to soak up as much information as possible I'm going to get the ball rolling on a cabinet build. Suffering a little bit from information overload and maybe 2nd guessing myself a little but I wanted an opinion on the following:

Thinking of this TV for my main playfield:


and I was going to go with the widebody cab kit from Virtuapin here:


Only thing that makes me nervous is the 23.25 inside dimension on the cab vs the 24.5 width on the TV. I know its cased but that bezel looks pretty thin :afraid:

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After yet more research I realize that this is going to be a tall order without slotting the cab AND taking a $900 dollar gamble that I can make the tv fit. As much as 46" sounds good I'm going to go with the more sensible:


If the measurements are correct on Amazon should fall just shy of the cab edges without de-casing it. I'll start a new case build thread when I get everything ordered. Going to go with a Timeshock themed table with hopefully a nice compliment of toys in the cab :)

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