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  1. here is an apple juice, cheers!
  2. you aren't part of the elite brah lol
  3. Thanks a lot!! but the video is heavely obstructed by the character images (judging by the picture haven't seen it in action)
  4. Or the dreaded no speakers connected bug.
  5. ^ agree. this battle of "e-penises" around VP and Arcade should end. Choices are good, changes are great. But you need to voice or at least communicate better to your community. How it was voiced and the way the responses went, were "like a regiment Nazi". Take it, and STFU. In my opinion if you compare how the "announcement" was made/handle in both ends, clearly there is a difference. But, what do you know? It's only a 1 man perspective (mine) without bias. I like all solutions, they equals in pro and cons. Don't have a preference, I use what I can handle, understand or like. RL or RL or whatever you like to call it, at this moment is the go-to solution. There even are other launchers, but we are here for a reason, and that is because we use these tools. Like I said, this sound like a divorce, and it was. Like vp and vpuniverse. At the end some may say the affected are the community like children's in a bad divorce. Let this NOT happen. Long live Arcades! Note: ALL my comments are always my opinions and my point of view, this Don't make that I'm correct, just a point of view. No offense to anybody, so please no flame/hate ok, thanks! peace and love care line lol
  6. Jumpstiles do an excellent job in THAT department. I can testify his emu compiles to work as intended. Everyone should use his work.
  7. Kids been watched by adults are better. and yes there is a timer.
  8. Cool build dude. Keep up the good work!! Sad that this place once was a paradise in cab builds, now is almost a dead zone (talking about how old the threads and post in HyperPin are) ... I think almost everyone moved to PinballX ... don't know why... lol
  9. Well ... I did a quick look and it says Start P1 and P2, I have them in key 1 and 2. I think Casio PV-1000 is different. I will configure Casio PV-2000 tomorrow and see what you are experiencing. If you can hit me with a database and 1 rom it will be excellent to start it.
  10. I think I only have the casio pv-1000 configured in my arcade. Will take a look tomorrow and post anything that may help an old friend.
  11. IIRC you need to enable it using the HLHQ options of the module. Try it.
  12. funny, all those pictures looks more fun than the real games lol
  13. Craig if you need help with ANY of them, hit me up ok! I have all 4 of them in my arcade.
  14. There are other solutions, but just for a quickuie ... now that you have that screenshot, now unplug it and take a screenshot ... now compare and see what's different. That should be the Dolphinbar. Then you can go to details and find the ID.
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