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Dolphin Vulkan support


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Not useable yet... or atleast that's how it sounds (I haven't tested) but very interesting stuff! I'm now setting up my third shield. If you just want to play older games you can't beat how simple it is to set these up. I may eventually get one for myself haha

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70%!?!? On Android? That is insane! I had mario sunshine "playable" it just stuttered and had frame rate drops. So it must be practically perfect if ur saying 70% lol I will give this a try asap.

Can you setup controls in the latest build? Or do you still need to install an old build, setup controls, then install the latest?

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70% speed-up is insane? You probably aren't understanding what that actually means.

Example, If I am running a game at 15 fps with opengl, and Vulcan will run it at 26 fps, that is a 73% increase in speed. (11 fps increase / 15 original fps =.73333...% overall increase). But note it was only an 11 fps increase.

However if you were running at 40 fps originally and you increased to 51 fps that is only a 27.5% increase in speed. (11 fps increase / 40 original fps). So as you can see, it's easier to claim a large % increase at lower fps. In both cases w are talking about just 11 fps increase.

And btw, in the current release Vulcan on Android does not work, it crashes immediately I believe. Same with the nightly builds from the trunk. There are still driver issues to sort out on Android so much of this hasn't been merged yet.

I am just reporting on what I have read from people who compiled the Android/Vulcan branch and were able to get it working. Not what I have personally experienced. Not sure how stable it was, or how long it ran before they gathered their info for comparison.

It's been a week or so since I looked into this though, so things could very well have changed. Things move fast in Dolphin.

And btw, on Windows you will not see really any increase I speed since dx12 and opengl are already highly optimized. The increases in Vulcan have all been reported on systems such as Linux where the opengl drivers aren't that mature.

Summary, If you are using a system that is underserved by opengl, you can expect a decent up tick when Vulcan is made available for your system. As the examples I have above though suggest don't expect miracles though. I am sure too that the stats being reported have been cherry picked.

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