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  1. I have one of their cabs and one of their control panels and I can say it's top notch. Their customer service is impeccable as well. I have gone back and forth with the owners multiple times via email. Just great guys over there. I happened to be one of the first guys to buy their new control panels so they let me customize the artwork for free. They respond really quickly to any questions. I have one of their sit-down arcade cabs with the extension on the bottom to make it a stand up. I absolutely love it. The cabinet space underneath holds / hides all my other controllers. It may not look like an old school arcade cabinet but anyone that sees it knows exactly what it is lol. I can tell you I am actually skilled at wood working but just don't have the time. I also have insane access to arcade cabs because my father works on arcade games for a living lol but this was just way more convenient for me. Besides I'm waiting to pull some strings / get some favors from my dad when I buy my new house this year. Hydro thunder and southpark pinball are a must haha.
  2. Would love to collaborate on a tutorial. I actually have another shield in my possession so I could provide pics / more in-depth instructions. This is the third shield TV I have setup as a gift so I'm getting pretty good at it haha. Let me know what you would like from me, I would be happy to help.
  3. ok so I gave up on reading all of this cuz its a lot and figured I would chime in to help. FIRST if you can I would root this will make a lot of this process SO MUCH easier. Next if you are on the stable build YES per core configs work. If you are on the Nightly Builds then you need to use the Overrides instead. REGARDLESS of which route you go YOU SHOULD NOT BE MAKING CUSTOM FOLDERS. IN A LOT OF CASES THEY WILL NOT WORK, and its just not necessary. Finally let me add that supposedly you can add the per core setting back into the config file manually to make it work in the nightly build but again this will require root. Stable Build Instructions - Install retroarch and download all the cores and update all the other files you need Launch hyperspin and launch a game (this is assuming you have all your settings correctly for your roms / system) I would start with something simple like atari Exit the game and exit hyperspin Go into retroarch, go into settings and do the hyperspin config trick Now go load the hyperspin retroarch config file Go into settings and set it to load per core config files and then go back and hit save current config... not save new config, save current config Now go and change any settings that will be the same for any core... so for me I get rid of the overlay, control presses for exit / accessing retroarch menu, I like everything stretched to 16x9, Player 1 is the first controller, and player 2 is the second controller, and so forth Now go back to hyperspin and as you load each core it will create the core cfg files. The settings you already set in the main config will automatically come over. Then you can go into retroarch menu after launching each core and set specific settings for each one and they will all save. (controls, shaders, and so forth) Nightly Build Instructions - ROOT FIRST I can't stress this enough... if you don't root first then you are dealing with all the bull crap written up above making custom folders YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS IF YOU ROOT Retroarch will do it all for you! After root install stable build first and follow the steps up above. Get all your games running the way you want FIRST Next back up all your per core config files. You will need a file browser with root access Next install a nightly build over your stable build Go into retroarch and load the hyperspin retroarch config file Now go into the settings again and there will be no setting any longer for your per core configs. So instead now select to use override files again go click save current config to be sure it saves Go into hyperspin and load a game from each system this time go into the retroarch menu when each game loads and at the main menu select create over ride file. WHEN YOU DO THIS THE CORRECT FOLDER IS CREATED BASED OFF THE CORE NAME WITH THE CORRECTLY NAMED OVERRIDE FILE if you try to make these folders yourself inside the root folders retroarch will not be able to access the files inside. Linux / Android file permissions are absolutely MISERABLE Now go back to your file browser and each of those folders will be in your config folder replace each override file with your back up copy of that systems per core config file. You have to rename them to be exactly the same as the override file Now retroarch will treat those per core config files as the override files and everything will work as it did on the stable build
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  5. odd the last time I tried it and it worked but I turned it off as I noticed it ran slower. Will have to give it a shot again and see if I run into the same issue.
  6. Also remember that Android doesn't like XML code for any symbols / punctuations. Android also will not read "&" symbols at all. You can fix xmls to and remove it's code for punctuations and just use them like apostrophes. A simple find and replace will fix them all. "&" Unfortunately... unless someone has found something differnt... you need to change to "and" on XML,rom, and all media... yea it sucks lol so I am kind of hoping someone found something different. Also something you can do is change your Android settings file for each system to only show roms you have. You won't get errors but you will be missing Roms not spelled correctly or have these symbols in them.
  7. Hey sorry guys I tried to attach it back when first asked and it wouldn't let me due to the file type. I'm mid flight right now but when I get back home I will upload the latest apk.
  8. 70%!?!? On Android? That is insane! I had mario sunshine "playable" it just stuttered and had frame rate drops. So it must be practically perfect if ur saying 70% lol I will give this a try asap. Can you setup controls in the latest build? Or do you still need to install an old build, setup controls, then install the latest?
  9. I have mine on GL and mine also does this. I don't really care... as I don't want anyone accessing retroarch but it is odd. I have the same menu driver "xmb" selected for all my other cores and "GL". Everything else works fine. Glupen though crashes but only when I am launching from hyperspin. It works perfectly fine if I launch it from retroarch and thats even if I load the hyperspin config file so it has nothing to do with the config and everything to do with hyperspin / retroarch interacting with one another.
  10. I think that might have been in response to me saying we would like access to your mupen core as I don't see anyone else mentioning it haha. Its not that there is an issue with mupen cores on root... its that if you want to root then you have to unlock your oem first which will factory reset your shield. The latest version of the mupen core does not work on the shield and retroarch doesn't archive anything... WHICH IS INSANE! but anyway so if anyone rooted then they would lose their working mupen core. The beauty of you being rooted with a working version is you could actually access the core file and share it with everyone. Doesn't really matter anymore now though as Glupen with GLES3 in my opinion blows the doors off the mupen core. At least my experience from using it on windows. I never got to use the mupen core on android because by the time I got on the scene they had broken it.
  11. http://www.androidpolice.com/2016/10/01/dolphin-emulator-adds-vulkan-support-android/ Not useable yet... or atleast that's how it sounds (I haven't tested) but very interesting stuff! I'm now setting up my third shield. If you just want to play older games you can't beat how simple it is to set these up. I may eventually get one for myself haha
  12. Well there is one benefit... when you are giving the device as a gift the likelihood of the person not familiar with retroarch/ hyperspin screwing up the settings are pretty slim. I disable the ability to access retroarch menu when launching from hyperspin and then they would have to access the specific core configs i setup from retroarch which they never would. But they initial setup is a pain in the ass haha
  13. You can just install the latest nightly on top of your latest install. The issue will be if you are on stable and using per core configs it won't load them anymore. So don't do it unless you are prepared to reset up all your systems.
  14. Per core configs are completely removed from the latest nightlies. They only do overrides now. Again the beauty of being rooted... once you setup overrides you can actually replace override files with your old per core configs. Just rename them to match the override files. It works perfectly and you retain all your settings from version 1.3.6. If I was ever to have set one of these up from scratch again I would root, install 1.3.6 stable and setup all my pre core configs. Back them up. Upgrade to the latest version. Setup overrides. Then replace over rides with my per core config files. THE ONLY ISSUE with this is sometimes for some unknown reason is even retroarch it's self lacks permissions in its own folders. So anything you put in them cant be accessed by retroarch. Any files created by retroarch is fine but custom files it loses access to. It's only happened to me once. I had full root but it was a no go. Couldnt for the life of me figure out how to get the permissions changed so basically root was useless. You can see in an old retroarch forum where I discuss this. That's where I ended up coming up with the change config locations within the hyperspin retroarch config file. Worked like a charm. I honestly just got into this like a month ago hahaha been setting up these shield boxes for wedding presents. I will be shieldless after this week as I give out my last one haha. On another note though I started messing with the windows version. It works GREAT! Mortal Kombat 4 actually crashes but other than that I haven't found a game that doesn't work well. I will probably replace pj64 soon on my cabinet with this.
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