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  2. Also remember that Android doesn't like XML code for any symbols / punctuations. Android also will not read "&" symbols at all. You can fix xmls to and remove it's code for punctuations and just use them like apostrophes. A simple find and replace will fix them all. "&" Unfortunately... unless someone has found something differnt... you need to change to "and" on XML,rom, and all media... yea it sucks lol so I am kind of hoping someone found something different. Also something you can do is change your Android settings file for each system to only show roms you have. You won't get errors but you will be missing Roms not spelled correctly or have these symbols in them.
  3. The auto builds. It doesn't list the version on the site but once you install it the version is 3.a.0. This is also discussed in the forums. But again who even cares about version numbers. Android play store tracks the date as well. The last time it was updated on the play store was 2014. These latest versions on Paul's code are from 2016.
  4. FYI... that version hasn't been updated since 2014. The more up to date version is on Paulscode.com which is 3.a.0. Also I wouldn't recommend the FZ version on shieldtv as there is some serious audio lag using either audio driver. Just try Mario64 and jump... there is a significant lag from when mario hits the ground to when you hear the sound. Paulscode's latest in my opinion runs best but Glupen64 on retroarch is getting better everyday using the latest GlideN64 video drivers.
  5. FYI you can add a filter in the settings ini for each emulator to only show roms you have. After setting this, if you don't see roms you know you have then you will know they aren't named correctly. Also Android is far more sensitive with naming than windows. So even if it shows up in Windows it may not on Android. For example... sonic and knuckles. It uses "&" on all standard hyperlist databases and Android will not read it. Had to change media, database, and Tom name to get it showing up. But yea you absolutely don't need to launch each game in retroarch first. Heck you don't even need to add or scan the directories.
  6. Anyone having issues with the latest nightlies of PPSSPP? The settings are just bringing me to the Games page of PPSSPP instead of launching the game.
  7. Hey everyone, been going through these forums to see if anyone else has had the same question as me. I originally designed my artwork for a tankstick using a premade template. I am finally making my own control panel but of course seeing that it is custom, there is no template for it. How do I make a to scale template so that I can then put my art on it? I would love to hire you Lucian for the printing as everyone's cabs on here look amazing.
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