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My first build, doing it cheap


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My neighbor gave me an empty cabinet he had stored outside under an awning for quite a long time. It is not in the best shape but I figured its free so I might as well do something with it. My plan is to build a super cheap MAME cabinet to keep in my garage for when I have company over.


I have a Intel NUC I plan on using to power it. Had it laying around and seems to do just fine.

Purchased some buttons and an I-Pac controller to use as controls. I plan on expanding the control panel at some point. Im more focused on getting it setup and working at the moment.

I have an old home theater stereo im going to try and integrate into it for sound. Thinking about installing it in the open space above the screen.

I need to buy a monitor to install into it. Hoping to find something on black friday that will work.

I sprayed the bare wood with some truck bed liner spray I had laying around. Not pretty but at least its all the same color and hides blemishes well.

I put some CF wrap I had laying around on the button panel because the plexiglass piece that was there was in terrible shape.


Comments or suggestions welcome. Like I said this is my first attempt at a small, basic, cheap build.



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That really is not in bad shape at all.  You could easily make that look great.  Only issue you may have is control panel layout.  If you can figure that out, you could more or less leave it as is.  Just hit it with some paint and have fun :D

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