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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.

Hypersync and the FTP are currently down to change servers. Thank you for your patience.


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  1. Ipac2 is the best imo.
  2. So this is a hard subject but I will try to be as clear as possible. We are HyperSpin. This is THE HyperSpin website, there is no other website and we NEVER sell content. To be clear, what you have is not from us. We didn't have anything to do with it. Once again, We do not sell and do not support third party drives. It is clearly discussed in the top left of the forum directory: " Beware of HyperSpin Scam Sites We continue to get complaints from people who buy HyperSpin hard drives and set-ups that are upset because they don't work or don't receive promised support. To be clear, there is no one out there selling HyperSpin that is in any way affiliated with us. We urge all of our members to avoid these sites or sellers who pretend to be related to HyperSpin.
  3. HyperSpin does not use Syncovery. But I'll be honest, it really sounds like you bought a drive from somewhere. It is very difficult for us (random people on the internet who just happen to know a little bit about the software) to offer support to someone who knows nothing about the drive. If you do not mind me asking, where did you buy this thing and do they not offer support? Personally my bias would lead me to believe that they do not offer support which is yet another reason we hate drive sellers. That being said however, what you have is not officially supported here. When we offer support we are going to assume you set HyperSpin up yourself and expect that you can understand the directions or assistance we give at the level it is given. I totally get that if you did not set the thing up you will have no idea what we are talking about... and that's kind of the point.
  4. What I have taken away from this whole thread is that NO ONE READS THE WHOLE THREAD. So please put a huge, unable to be missed Disclaimer on the download notice, the download and even on the actual zip file so that when you unzip it, you would have had several notices about the issue. I cannot tell you how many times this very issue comes up in trouble shooting this software for people. That being said, people are still not going to read the notices so it is probably a waste of time
  5. Did this fix the HyperHQ crashing in Windows 10 by chance? And since you guy have the source code open and what not, think it would be possible to fix the joystick issue?
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