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USB potentiometer?


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Yea was just hoping for a hardware volume control

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If you have a spinner, trackball or mouse on your CP, you could use CabVol.exe

It allows you to use a modifier key to adjust. Example, I hold the left flipper button down and turn the spinner like a volume knob and it adjusts my cab volume.



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Both those solutions are worthwhile looking into, in the mean Time I though I would try just mapping a couple of buttons macro style to control volume, When I open the windows volume mixer the master control does nothing but the inviduale program volume mixer works, (I know my button mapping is working as it brings up a windows were I can see volume increase and decrease) Only problem the keyboard is mapped to master volume not program volume so I cant map keyboard shortcut to volume anyone know a workaround? My motherboard is from a nuc apparently they don't have a built in sound card and just pass a digital signal over hdmi which is deciphered by an amp or similar. In my case my amp input is via usb if that matters, is there a way I can map hyperspins volume control via xpadder ? help appreciated cheers

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