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Looking for a case for a micro ATX motherboard


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I am looking for a case for a micro ATX motherboard to fit into a bartop

I do not want to use a full enclosure case but I cannot seem to find a case case or tray for it and the components.

I used a myopenpc case for the one in my cabinet and hung it on the wall inside the cab.

Does anyone know of a tray/case for a m-ATX board for inside a bartop


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I have 3 of the boards mentioned by BladeZX and have put all three to great use. I have one currently in the Bartop I'm building. The board is sturdy and allows for multiple mounting options. Great for mini-itx's. I also use one for my plex media server which allows me to keep it hidden and also has a smaller footprint.

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As Richie and trublu mentioned, if you're buying separate components I'd just mount the computer parts to a wood tray that you make or straight to cabinet. The advantage of putting it on a separate piece of wood is that you can remove all the computer components in one shot. For standoffs for the motherboard, I've used something similar to these from Home Depot:


But these nylon spacers are available at almost any hardware store (i.e. ACE, True Value, etc).

Hope it helps...

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