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  1. BladeZX


  2. 1,746 downloads

    http://www.hyperspin...ker/?hl=checker http://www.hyperspin...-media-manager/ - repare some broken HS xml (with unescaped "&") - create XML from rom folder - check for roms / videos / themes / wheels / artworks - move unneeded roms/media to subfolder - collect missing media from another folders - crop hyperspin database to contain only roms you have - match you media names with db entry - compatible with each-rom-in-its-own-folder mode - check cd images for variuos problems (and fix some of them) - inline database editor - resizeble interface - makes backup everytime it move/replace something - open source - ...
  3. Is this the one? [FREE] MAME - Rollback CHDs (v0.159) (0.160)
  4. Split it is Is there a 160 CHD set?
  5. Which Mame 160 set is best (split or merged)?
  6. Great to have you back Bill... I look forward to the new HS Thanks again for all your hard work on this hobby
  7. This cannot come out fast enough http://ca.ign.com/videos/2014/06/10/mortal-kombat-x-gameplay-trailer-e3-2014
  8. Not sure you will need to overclock it.
  9. I do not see any issues with that. Very similar to mine (except you got the i5-4670k) and I only got the i5-4570 GTX660 is the same as mine - works great I have the same SSD - awesome quality You will love it
  10. Glad you are still enjoying it. I am going to have to make myself another one in the future
  11. Great news. Thanks for you work on this
  12. I appreciate that. Mameman does awesome work. I did sell the VaderPin to Eminem on the forum. I believe he loves it. It made me sad to sell it but those bad times come and I had to do what I needed. I will definitely be building another one in the future. Once again... love your room
  13. I have rebooted a few times. It is driving me nuts
  14. It does not work in notepad or any other app. It is very odd since I replaced the keyboard with a brand new one and it still does not work. Very frustrating
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